BY THE PRESIDENT ( Engr. Francis Ijenyo)




The President, Executive Council and Members of the Nigerian Union in Gothenburg Sweden condemn in its entirety, the suffering been faced by our brothers and sisters back home in Nigeria and impact of the removal of fuel subsidy couples with the continual inability of the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan to deal decisively on poor security and official corruption. In a press statement issued by the president of The Nigerian Union in Gothenburg, Sweden, Engr Francis Ijenyo; attention was drawn to the recognition that fuel subsidy removal was important but that the handling and timing was wrong.

Engr. Ijenyo recalled the near absence of refineries in Nigeria and the corruption that lead to the dilapidation and non functioning of the refinery to capacity which brought about the importation of fuel  and opined that a responsive government should have first fixed the three refineries in the country, see them running optimally, identify, prosecute and recover all fraudulent money from the fuel importers, and then any removal of fuel subsidy may have the support of the people, and the pains on the suffering masses may be easily overcome. As it stands now he reiterated, the pains that the fraudulent importers should have suffered have been passed down willy-nilly to the populace. Engr Ijenyo also points at the direction of the uncontrollable and incredible amounts that pass as salaries and perks of officials of government and concluded that considerate amounts for these officers could save so much near the amount that can be expected from savings from the removal of fuel subsidy.

But again he continued, how a responsive president could add to the pains of his populace when they are still groaning under the mayhem that Boko Haram are perpetrating in the country. Could it have been wiser still if this menace and those mentioned above have been tackled before the removal of fuel subsidy? One would have expected that since small scale business plays a direct role in the day to day live of the Nigerian people it would have been very appropriate that the government address the issue of power supply, transportation etc before embarking on subsidy removal.

The president of the Nigeria Union therefore calls all Nigerians to see the current protests by Nigerians all over the world as not just a no to fuel subsidy removal but most importantly as a protest to poor security, and official corruption in the highest levels of government, and to seize this opportunity to deal a devastating blow to all those that are wrecking our country, Nigeria.


Francis Ijenyo



Nigerian Association, Gothenburg, Sweden.

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