Even before the coming of the president Goodluck jonathan the nigerians in china has been in waiting to welcome him and also present the burdens surrounding their stay in china. but the whole things still same even after his visit, what did he take home being our problems to solve or what did the embassy presented to him as what we want to solve.

 it has been a saying by citizens living in china that they seem to forgotten or being on their own without inspectoral mission or guildiance to them. the nigerian embassy in beijing has not been efficent in duties asigned to them rather looking at some citizen like madmen. nigerians in china are the mission of the embassy workers and staff in china but non of their problems has been seem or attended to. since the operation of the nigerian embassy in china hardly for the ambassdor to organise seminars or open talk/lecture to educate the citizen on what message the country rulling body has said concering the forginers in their land. some nigerians in china has never one day seem or partake in welcoming the ambassador in some cities of china where most nigerians resides, but rather doing their personal business,allowing their citizens took risk of traveling from far distance to visit embassy for their problems in beijing and still no good attention will be given to them, consulate should be posted to those place where majority of their citizens are residng for business and schooling.no attentions no caring even  large numbers of nigerians are rotting in chinese jail and the embassy negleting their duties to interfare on the matters concering them ,rather putting sentiments, although is a bad thing to break the laws,but if guilded well and been informly educate your people the rate of the crime will reduce. most nigerians here are not educated as such which is the duty of the embassy to direct them not to move to the draw lines of laws and save the image of our country as well. the problem will affect every body both big and small if cares are not taken and also if the emabssy did not wake up and control the affairs of their citizen. 

the only help we have achieved is from the Association of the Nigerian Community China in guangzhou which was organised by nigerian and control the warefare of the people and the embassy cant give the full support as part of their duties has been done by this Assication .

most problem they cant attend to nor solve is happly settled here in the community and the citizen are also educated, informed and directed concering the laws of china in other to save image of our country NIGERIA.

some many things has happened here in guangzhou and china but the embassy still remain domant to relate to the chinese government on matters affecting nigerian here both buisness men and student living in china

the problems nigerians are facing here are lack of attention from the embassy,whom has deniled the right of their citizen being the reason they came for in china.

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Comment by MACANTHONY on October 28, 2013 at 5:15am

the present situations in guangzhou southeast china for forigners and their daily buisness life has been bugged down by some decisions made by the upper authority to sanitize the area and regulate the immigration policy. The popular africa market known as canal guangyuan xi lu (road ) has been distracted by the daily routeing of immigration police to crack down the illegal immigrants and other related check for forginers operation on the area. from the report coming from the source said that notice and warning has been given to some business plazas to inform forginers to deviate from business which are not legal on that area and illegal standing along the zone which brought the attention of the authority to check the forgotten working permit for forginers working and operating their business on that area.

 the story has changed since the crack down of the DRAGON HOTEL and their operation of the place is exoposed, and till date the business on that area has be closed down with frustration which both the plazas management and the tenant has shut down their daily activites almost to last. it is also learnt that the area are mainly filled up with nigerians and their business has been in bad situation which lead most people into bad crime.


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