Nigerians abroad blamed President Jonathan for instability in the country for lack of leadership

This is a depressing time for Nigerians home and abroad who have transcended the barbaric level of this present administration. This is the month we living abroad are too ashamed to hail ourself as Nigerians. My people and the lackluster government that runs the affairs of the country have mortified our conscience appallingly. We have never felt so let down by my own people the way we feel this time with Jonathan. This is the time Nigeria exhibits herself as a nation that lacks respect for human lives.

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Comment by Obisakin olabode on September 4, 2011 at 8:32pm
I wonder what we really expect from a country without basic foundation, a country that is been govern by the whims and caprices of few individual that have pass their thethers and reasonableness.
There is no hope that it is going to be better soon, every Nigerian is exersperated and confused. I hope the messiah comes soon. Those of u out there are lucky you dont see it first hand

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