Check out this email I received detailing the outrageous figures paid to a Nigeria Senator. Little wonder why everyone in Nigeria has political ambitions and will do whatever it takes to get there.

Basic Salary (BS) – N2,484,245.50
Hardship Allowance @ 50% of Basic Salary – N1,242,122.70 (I love this kind of hardship)
Constituency allowance @ 200% of BS - N4,968,509.00
Furniture Allowance @ 300% of BS – N7,452,736.50
Newspaper allowance @ 50% – N1,242,122.70 (Which kind newspaper be this, abi na online or hard copy?)
Wardrobe allowance @ 25% – N621,061.37
Recess Allowance @ 10% – N248,424.55
Accommodation @ 200% – N4,968,509.00
Utilities @ 30% – N828,081.83
Domestic Staff @ 35% – N863,184.12
Entertainment @ 30% – N828,081.83
Personal Assistance @ 25% – N621,061.37
Vehicle Maintenance Allowance @ 75% – N1,863,184.12
Leave Allowance @ 10% – N248,424.55
One off payments (Severance gratuity) @ 300% – N7,452,736.50 (Once they get fired.)
Motor Vehicle Allowance @ 400% of BS – N9,936,982.00 – Every Four Years
Senator’s Salary per month – N2,456,647.70
Total = N29,479,749.00 Per Year
Allowance of Nigerian Senator: $1,500,000/year
GDP of Nigerian Economy: $45 Billion/year
A feeding frenzy!!!


Compare with this -

Salary of the U.S. President: $250,000/year
GDP of the U.S. Economy: $13 Trillion/year
What do these Senators do to deserve this pay?

Amazingly, I saw a recent news video on YouTube of Nigeria senators in a session demanding an increase to their yearly allowance. These guys want a whopping N30 million every month.

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