On assessing GEJ government in the light of Bombings and insecurity

GEJ is still acquiring power and until he gets on top of it he will continue to be cautious of its use. The polity is already soiled and he finds himself between the devil and the blue sea. Although he wants to move towards the new Nigeria he has to work with the old which is a hindrance to the emergence of the new. Remember he got there through intricate deals aimed at sustaining the status quo but as soon as he can acquire control of all necessary power formations then he can use them to further the new. The problem is does he have enough time? Should he not begin to subvert the old in order to cripple its backlash before it manifests? Has he built enough capacity to fight the old? Can he transform Nigeria? I will not give you specific answers here because they are premature for public consumption.


On whether Zik acted aright I preventing the balkanization of Nigeria into 3 countries before independence

Zik wanted a united Nigeria and having studied in America, Zik was more optimistic of nationhood for people of parallel cultures. He stood against balkanization of Nigeria into three countries. However he did not receive the support of all to put his theory fully in operation for he would have worked for the kind of loose federation that saw power devolving to the Regions with a weak federal government which he led as President. This arrangement was not the ideal but it is much better than today’s military unitarism masquerading as federal where the only thing federal is the "character". The problem came when the structure began to change without preparation. It started with mid western Region which left the North feeling cheated. Then the Northern controlled military took power after the Gen. Ironsi unitary experiment failed bringing on a wider specter of marginalization. You do not change a structure without consequences in a federal arrangement. Zik did the right thing.


On the Independence of Southern Sudan comparing to oppression of North on South in Nigeria

What you call oppression depends on how a country is organized. It depends on the body of laws that govern a country. A people with parallel cultures can live peacefully together if the country is properly structured to accommodate both growth poles. You know that it has worked here in Nigeria before. Remember the Lord Laggards indirect rule in the North and direct rule In the South that kept Nigeria existing together harmoniously for half a century. You think the British were daft? It accords to natural laws to govern them differently and aggregate only their up building contributions. Is it not what restructuring is all about? Is it not what federalism or confederation was meant to do? Was it not ingrained in our national anthem? "Though tribes and tongues may differ in brotherhood we stand". Do you think these wordings were not thought out? Is Nigeria more parallel than countries of the UN O who stay in harmony obeying some law? It is only indolence and mediocrity that leads a nation to war for what she can achieve without it.



Nigeria’s False Population and why plans fail

This is the core political tool of our oppressors, those who helped Nigeria snatch defeat from the very jaws of victory. Those purveyors of waste, unemployment, religious​ politics ,economic duplication, progressive circling, aimless moving Nigeria forward, educational decay, privatization of public wealth into public officers hands, destruction of agriculture except where they have interest, destitudinization​ of Nigerian children, and destruction of the civil service codes of conduct and the brain drain of Nigeria's finest in foreign lands. These people do not deserve to stay a day further in their stolen offices.


Government officials extorting people’s land

The Igbo culture is rooted on the land. A man may be poor but he has a land as legacy from his father and he is likely to leave one for his children. So when you tamper with someone’s land you are attempting his life and so the Igbos see it as taboo capable of attracting punishment from the ancestors. Land grabbers beware!


Deregulation of petroleum products posited by the Governor forum.

What comes to the fore here is whether these governors were actually voted into office by people of flesh and blood. For why would they take anti people’s position so soon? Instead of facing the constitutional problem they push it on their people. It is true that the states cannot represent the units of the Nigerian federation because they were not created in 1967 by Gen Gowon for that but only as a divide and rule strategy to win the war. Since then they have been neither here nor there for such units will have to be economically independent by way of output. This is what brought the idea of zones also attempting to avoid regions but the development of infrastructure by British was in favor of Regions so that one is in limbo. For this reason the states are starved of funds because you really cannot reap where you did not sow and the states can hardly sow anything. We must restructure not just change revenue formula.


On the challenge of divisive tendencies


If the army breaks into two why should it happen when a southerner is in power? No it is never a solution so we can avoid it by amending the constitution while pretending to dialogue with these extremist groups. As soon as we have a constitution that is unambiguous about religious politics by measure of its secularity, then we can employ the legal and institutional powers to bring violators to book. This was the strategy the former President may have adopted by giving Amnesty but the later part was not implemented via constitution change owing to interferences by vested interests.


On the significance of birth date of Governor Sylva of Bayelsa State


True the birthday of a man is a sign of his strengths and weaknesses. It gives us a glimpse into the activity of the elements at this time and by the law of homogeneity will attract only the particular soul that fulfils the purpose. The birthday 7-7-1964 literally when all numbers are added brings on a single digit seven. This number swings in the will of God. Such people are highly guided. Whatever they do has some significance to the lawful up building of creation if they remain pure.




*Mr Nworisara aspired to be President of Nigeria in 1992






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