Projected to be the giant of Africa, the lighting rod in which the sun of economic development, political stability, and social justice will shine on africa, the exampling nation that will stand as litmus test all african nations will emulate,. Nigeria like ordain prince waiting for kingship coronation, so close yet too far away as naked greed strikes. It was not how then, but when to take her stand in the community of wealthy nations, today the projected giant has metamorphosed to gown midget thanks to recycle leadership. As constructive leadership has been relegated to the trash Nigerians majority populace becomes casualties of their leaders as projected giant has been denied the nutrient to grow as giant, With recycle leadership of  obasanjo go obasanjo comes, Buhari go Buhari come, Banbangida go babangida come, Olorin go Olorin come, Gambari go Gambari come, Lukman go Lukman come, Ciroma go Ciroma come, ogbomudia go ogbomudia come, David Mark go David Mark come, Bodae George go Bode George come, and so the recycle goes on. With glorious hope lost in ocean of corruption, hopelessness becomes majority Nigerians next door neighbor enshrine in the nation popular slogan, "IT GO BETTER" Yet it never get better as the elements of status quo  stranglehold of power by any means neccessary. The question then was WHEN, today the questio is HOW as looting, cronyism, selfishness, obsecurity, and cash and carry leadership has become the yardstick for measuring success. Will Nigeria rise again or dwindle like midday shadow?

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