"Dear readers,
"You may ask me: why I tagged my topic like this?
"I have come to realize that when people, especially the youth, stay calm, there is no development.
"Take, for instance, the Niger Delta militants group. When they agitated for their rights with weapons, the government quickly called them and settled them. Today, they are all 'big' boys and girls.
"What happened to the peacemakers who chose to be quiet? They remain puppets till date.
"Our young men are involved in robbery activities because of lack of jobs.
"One day, skill acquisition centers are functioning, tomorrow they malfunction.
"Our women and single mothers prostitute themselves to feed their children. Only when they bring in sicknesses will the country spend billions to eradicate or fight diseases.
"Why not invest in your citizenry to build the nation? If this country overcomes unemployment issues, there will be less corruption.LETS RISE UP AND WORK. GOD BLESS NIGERIA

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