New ‘smart’ air purifiers for the home in 2018

Who does not want to breathe in fresh air and we all want to have healthy environment around us. Sadly, that is not always the case. We have our cars, factories, and most of all individuals who smoke on regular basis that pollute the air we breathe in. Breathing in bad air leads to several health issues, especially if you are taking second hand smoke into your lungs that then goes to your blood and disturbs your entire system. So, what do we do to assure we are taking in healthy air? Well, we place the air purifiers at our homes, cars, and work places. Today, we have smart air purifiers working around us but before we get to that we will take one step at a time, starting with the air purifiers.

What are air purifiers?

The air purifier is a device that is specifically designed to filter the air around use and remove harmful chemicals from it. There are several pollutants in the air, including the pollens, dust, and smoke left overs, that can cause various health issues. The diseases that come from inhaling the smoke, dust, mold, bacteria, gases, viruses, and other volatile organic compounds are countless which means that breathing in bad air will have some serious effect on our health.

Therefore, it is advised to keep air purifiers around you, especially if you are living at a busy place with several vehicles around or having a smoker in the surroundings. These products will take the dirty air and filter it to remove the harmful elements from it and, once done, returns clean air back to the room.

Depending on the air purifier you acquire, the cleansing process can be comprised of different stages and it might be conducted several times over the course of an hour to assure that you are breathing in a toxin free environment.

The regular purifiers work in two primary ways, continuous filtering and automatic filtering. The first one is much like your room fan as you turn it on and it starts cleaning the air for as long as required and once done you have to manually turn it off. Then there are the automatic ones which possess the air quality sensors. As the quality drops down to a level where it feels that the environment must be cleaned now, it starts functioning the filter all the air. Upon the completion of process, when the cleansing is no longer required, it will shut off itself automatically.

What is the difference between regular and smart air purifiers?

Coming towards the smart purifiers, as you can see above, the regular purifiers requires manual work to be done. You will have to get up and deal with it by walking right next to it and reaching out the buttons on it to do the job for you. But the smart air purifier won’t require to get off from your couch just because you want to do something with it.

Yes! A smart air purifier comes with an advanced filter and some pretty good options. You can track and control the air quality of the place where this purifier is placed with the help of your smartphone and this is from where the word ‘smart’ comes into the action. There are dedicated apps that you will be able to access as you use these purifiers and they work with Bluetooth or wifi connection to assure that the commands are being sent and up to date data is being displayed.

There is a long list of smart air purifiers and you can find some good ones reviewed at which we recommend you to ‘must read’ if you are looking to purchase an air purifier. It will help you in making the right call and getting the best air purifier that addresses your needs.

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