New restrictions on hydrocodone to take effect

WASHINGTON (AP) — The central government is concluding new limitations on several meds containing hydrocodone, the exceptionally addictive painkiller that has developed into the most generally recommended medication in the U.S.

The new decides imply that medications like Vicodin, Lortab and other conventional forms will be dependent upon the equivalent endorsing rules as painkillers like codeine and oxycodone. Patients will be restricted to one 90-day supply of drug and should see a social insurance expert to get a top off. Furthermore, in numerous states endorsing authority will be restricted to doctors, not medical caretakers or doctor partners.

The move, declared in a government posting, comes over 10 years after the Drug Enforcement Administration initially prescribed renaming hydrocodone because of its dangers for misuse and compulsion. For quite a long time, doctor gatherings and the Food and Drug Administration restricted the move, saying it would trouble medicinal services suppliers and patients while driving up costs

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