May 17, 2017 draft pick draw ceremony came to an end, the final Celtics won the title pick, which is the team since 1966 for the first time won the champion signed, the Lakers and 76 people were to get second place and probe picks NBA Live Coins.

And in today's US media comment on the history of the NBA five top pick, but this list also attracted no small controversy, the list, Duncan was only ranked fifth, O'Neill came in fourth, James was Is ranked first.

Now specifically look at the ranking, fifth: 1997 champion Tim - Duncan, rookie season won the NBA rookie of the year; career five won the NBA championship; twice elected NBA regular season most Value Player (MVP), three selected NBA Finals Most Valuable Player (FMVP), fifteen NBA Finals, 15 NBA Finals, 15 NBA All-Star.

Fourth prize: 1992 champion shark - O'Neill, rookie season elected NBA rookie of the year, won four NBA championships, 2000 NBA regular season MVP, 3 times elected NBA Finals MVP, 15 times selected NBA Star lineup and 3 times elected NBA All-Star MVP, 8 times selected NBA best team burst, 2 times elected NBA scoring.

Third place: 1979 champion magician - Johnson, 5 NBA championships, 3 regular season MVP, 3 finals MVP, 2 All-Star Game MVP, 9 times the best team for a while, 12 times selected All-Star.

The second is the day hook - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 6 NBA championships, 6 regular season MVP, 2 finals MVP, 0 times All-Star Game MVP, 10 times the best lineup, 19 times selected All-Star.

US media commented on the NBA history of the top five champion is James, James can now be said to be active first person, but to be honest, James this ranking high, in this list, see the team's contribution, There are a variety of honors, James also need time precipitation, James also need to come up with more honors to prove himself, but the active first person this did not say.

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