This is my own little piece to my country
To my dear nation Naija at fifty
A beautiful lady so elegant with simplicity
Caught the eyes of white guys for her purity
She was taken and accessed with nudity
Later, she became the real epitome of beauty
And was handed to her own people as an entity
That was way back in 1960
Coming into town, she was the newest commodity
She had to continue in her line of specialty
Making oil is what she does under gravity
She needed people cos it was getting shitty
So they helped her raise a committee
She was enlarging so she had to build cities
With that, everywhere was getting’ filthy
Corruption came into every bit of their activity
Now her beautifiers look at her with pity
Remember the tale of a fool at 40?
Naija’s own is a fool at 50
And a decade to come when she’ll be 60
But I’m still proud of my nationality
Before the present committee, things were plenty
Since their appointments, we’ve been having scarcity
For our self-governance there should be better selectivity
With that, things can still be rosy, juicy and fruity
I believe Naija has a better propensity
But to show that, we have to cleanse our hearts cos they are dirty
Together, we must stop perversity
and install into ourselves better personalities
Strengthen all of our connectivities
Have bigger and better political parties
Stop fronting and start religious sensibilities
With you and I, Naija can be a celebrity at 60 Femi Akinremi

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