(My…People; Your…People; Our…People)


Alas! Yoruba vs. Yoruba (Nigeria - South West vs. South West)

Political Animosity vs. Free Riding sensation…


“T’aba ju’ko s’oja; ara ile eni lo’ba…” - (Yoruba proverb)

Metaphorically, when we throw stone inside a crowded market; it always hit our (neighbor) family…

(Food for thought)


Let us without prejudice or sentiment takes into account the tooth-and-claw battles of our ’failed’ nation, our existing historical (ODUDUWA) empires, including but not limited to the social violence and chaos among our adolescence and the impact (shocks) and changes of global technology in the continent of A.F.R.I.C.A. Nigeria to be précised.


One hand washes the other, and both are better off than they would alone. The differences between the two political Parties (ACN vs. LP)- lies in the number of hands involved and the intricacy of not only their ideology, but also their interdependence… two qualities that our cultural orientation has a stubborn tendency to raise.


The unfortunate scenario that we – the sorry (Nigerians) masses – have endured, but have often unconsciously proceed blindly and without the least understanding of why we’ve or continued to fail as a nation is abysmal.


MYO…People! MYO…People of South West of 9IJA…WHY d ‘FUSS? Why “DO or DIE”…?


To pretend that we don’t know the essence of the animosity between the two parties in question will be naïve.           But, for the sake of our dialogue, let us call the situation - Free Riding sensations. Free riding in the sense that someone or group of people generously assisted the other, took all the risks, and supported the other person’s ambition based on trust, but was later betrayed. Moreover, that person not only cheated but also violated the trust between them. It’s more or less like someone who sits around getting all the credit and benefit while everyone else is working hard on their behalf. We do understand the pain, betrayer, and disappointment that transpire.


“Does that mean we should revenge or lose the momentum…? Of course not… Food for thought!


Paradoxically, you can give someone food when his cupboard is bare and yours is overflowing, that individual reciprocates down the road when your cupboard is bare, and you both profit, because food is more valuable when we’re hungry than when we’re full. In retrospect, solving the problem amicably will not only benefit both parties but also be a strategic building block for future unison. Not a do-or –die phenomena as anticipated …Food for thought!


One chronicle of our heritage (Yoruba) has observed; “you scratch my back…and I scratch your back.”

(Food for thought)

Albeit, politics, like everywhere around the globe seems to have been filled with enthusiastic calculation, but at the same time the word “calculation” might not be appropriate or isn’t the right word in our case.

Why? Because when politicians interact most especially in 9ija ‘politicking’ with each other in mutually profitable fashion, they don’t necessarily realize exactly what they’re doing. Food for thought!


Omo Oduduwa…Erora o! Omo Oduduwa…Erora o! (Children of Oduduwa…Be careful)

When circumstances changes… The impossible can be possible… (Food for thought)

Let us not forget what happens at the ‘center’; “why and how they lost the SW… “Pause & think.”

Remember, “What goes around comes around…” We need each other period.


I had to agree with Richard Lee, a pioneering observer of human evolution when he writes that,” the giving of something without an expectation of equivalent return,” is “almost universal behavior among foraging peoples”… Food for thought!


Even though it’s all politics, but the expectation isn’t merely a matter of conscious calculation when we accuse others of not been appreciative, stinging or self-centered. Naturally we are driven by something deeper and hotter than sheer reason – by a feeling of (personal) moral indignation, or just grievance. And that feeling – found in all cultures everywhere, and expressed in predictable circumstances – seem to be grounded in our genes. In other words, it is part of the emotional equipment designed by natural solution to govern reciprocal altruism, to help us not only survive, but instinctively be profitable. 


Food for thought…


The question we (9ija – South West…) should be asking ourselves is: “How can we (SW…) be sure that ACN or any legitimate political party would indeed have the wherewithal to survive as ‘opposition’ (minority) party if given the chance…? Food for thought!


Regardless of our differences, ideology and political affiliations…We should not let our ego supersede our ambition as a LEADER. It’s not about “U” and “I” or “Me” or a particular individual. It’s all about the innocents …helpless…and future Nigeria (leaders) Citizen. It’s about OUR COUNTRY. It’s about our FUTURE…


Life is not about receiving at all times; it is a combination of being thankful for what you have as blessings and sharing those blessings with others who need a little fraction of what you have. - Catherine Pulsifer (Food for thought)




Long Live Nigeria!

Long Live United Nigeria…


Peace! Shalom!!Salaam!!!

Prince (Arc.) F.K.O.Bakare

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