Mobil Nigeria. Why choose to be a theif. Mr Precident Help!

It saddens me that Nigerians are not anywhere near freedom from poverty and hardships.
Majority of our leaders are too currupt and vissionless. The judiciary is now the king of curruption, must Nigerians take the law into their hands before a change?
Mr President, You are aware of the king clement foundation brought up by Commandclem Nigeria. This foundation has vowed to eradicate poverty in Nigeria with workable and excellent programs upon payment of royalties for their invention which Mobil Nigeria owes them. Millions of Nigerians have joined this foundation, i implore and urge more Nigerians to join this foundation.
However, Mobil Nigeria who is milking us dry, making billions and trillions of dollars from our resources thought it worthwhile to deny Commandclem Nigeria his due royalty payments and deny millions of Nigerians their benefits. This case was decided in the court in favour of Commandclem Nigeria after ten years. Mobil owes Commandclem and must pay.
And yet Mobil defiles our country, trampling on its judiciary, denying our rights while milking us dry.
Mr Precident, take a look at the benefits of this foundation and imagine how it will help your government in tackling the desease of poverty and unemployment in Nigeria.
When the government is stale and dormant, turning deaf ears to our concerns and the judiciary is currupt and undependable. What choice do you leave the masses who's rights are denied.
Please Mr Precident, make this your no. 1 priority, that Mobil pays Commandclem the royalties.
Ken- 07035052057

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