MMOGO is working for supply full stock Maplestory M Mesos

I'm not certain what Nexon will do about 50-60 coaching, but dungeons are discretionary to level up from 50-60. Hurry up to degree 50 whenever you can, then you will get your score you need it to access the main point of  Maple M Mesos the game content. To get the equipment that is necessary score you need to perform the dungeons quite often.Another way to get your group to attain a score of 1500 would be to simply purchase all your items in the Black Market, each blue group is 15-30k mesograms, but that is if you've got sufficient mesograms for this and I recommend that you save your mesograms for future occasions.


And you can get closer to LVL's 50 dungeons.Once you've obtained the 50 lvl dungeons, you will want to clear the dungeons 10 times every day to 30 times weekly to get as many teams as you can. And, if you've any epics which aren't firearms, then you have to equip them. Till you get your epic group to improve keep the civilization dungeons.In Maplestory 2, there is no scrolling system or at least it does not have exactly the same enchantment system as in GMS. (The very first game).


So what you would like to do is buy enough Onyx crystals and sometimes even Onyx Chaos crystals to increase your equipment in a pretty good amount for your base stats.There are two types of weapons additions:The first: you have a fixed chance to pass the progress with the rate of reduction of the speed with more developments you have.The second: it's a 100% chance to pass the improvements, but it costs much more (4 times the amount needed from the first way I explained  ).


What I recommend is that you increase your  buy MaplestoryM Mesos safe  speed until the success rate drops to 30% and then change to the next way.Finding the materials for your enchantment is through dismantling, disenchantment, or whatever. Disassembling the equipment is the best way to get Onyx crystals, any other equipment which you don't need, must be disassembled to get crystals and insanity of onyx.

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