MFM@30: We must move to the next level of revival, Olukoya urges Nigerians

Arogbonlo Israel

The General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, Daniel Olukoya has urged Nigerians particularly the Christians to move to the next level of revival so as to avert further calamities in the later days.

While addressing the congregation during the 30th anniversary/convention of the church held at Prayer city on Saturday, Olukoya said: "Many things have gone wrong in our world now. If you’re a true member or minister of God and you’re doing your work peacefully, the Lord will bless you in a dumbfounding way.

"The best is yet to come here in MFM. No one comes to MFM by chance, those who come here came by divine agenda.

"Even if what you’re looking for hasn’t arrived yet, by the divine covenant that established this ministry, you will be indeed be blessed. We (MFM) want to move to our next level, the next level is revival."

Olukoya who anchored his sermon on the topic 'Rearranged for revival' noted that the present generation is powerless and needs urgent revival.

"What we have now is powerless Christianity, many who are massively drinking from the waters of fornication, somersaulting preachers, they somersault from where they are to the place where the enemy has caught them, we have stingy church members, those who are glued to the world, spiritual laziness.

"A lot of people gravitate to those places where prayers are not taking place. Whey are they going there? It is because they have anti-prayer demon. What did the bible say? It said pray without ceasing. It didn’t say preach without ceasing."

He added: "Modern day churches have become entertainment freaks. They entertain in church. There is this loss of heavenly focus. You hardly hear messages about heaven again. I know some preachers I’ve been listening to for 40 years now and they don’t preach about heaven again.

"There is ignorance priesthood and darkened vision. There is lack of discipleship. There is plenty of junk vain Sermon. Sermons that goes out and bring nothing. There is plenty of spiritual bats.

"The present day modern church hates evangelism and witnessing. Many hates sharing the gospel with anybody. There is an epidemic of baby Christians. They are advanced in age but babies.

"There is plenty of shallow Christianity, holiness failure, zero righteousness, zero spiritual growth, Sexual perversion and fake prophets and fake pastors. These are signs of the modern day church. Church fights, then to worsen the situation; there are plenty of undone men in the pulpit.

"There is plenty of business pastors only interested in money but not in soul. There is a gradual death of intercession, only few people engage in it. Plenty of hell bound workers. Many have converted church to business. The spirit of sacrifice is long gone.

"A lot of things that Pentecostal churches do today can also be called penti-rascals. Plenty of prosperity message that has not done anything to people.

"Plenty of ungodly dress code that cannot be worn to a presidential villa or job interview. If you’re invited for interview, would you wear rugged jeans to banking interview? You will not wear it to face your maker. There is plenty of missionary failure and scarcity of spiritual gift and lack of baptism of fire."

In his closing remarks, the clergyman called for urgent revival as the only ultimate solution to the insecurity in the country.

"We need revival. You and I have only one life to live. What will be written about you when you leave this world.

"Let us get to the level of revival now before they begin to shoot at Christians and burn our Bibles. Let us start now before the enemies we refuse to convert now, become the ones confronting us. More than at anytime before, revival is needed."

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