Medical Tourism Trip to India- Essentials to Pack for.

Medical Trip to India

Medical tourism saves money and time for those who wish to seek affordable yet quality treatment. India has claimed its position as the number one destination for medical tourism for three years in a row, thanks to the many benefits that the country offers.

If you have chosen India as your treatment destination, you will be offered world-class technology, well-renowned surgeons and top-notch hospitals along with personalized care and attention to the patient and the companion. 

Medical Tourism in India has consistently delighted medical tourists with great services and outstanding outcomes. The icing on the cake is recuperation in God’s own country at picturesque locations with a stay at comfortable hotel and good food.

However, we always insist our patients ensure that they are well prepared for their medical trip. 

Below is the list of some of the most important essentials that you should pack for before you hop on to your flight for treatment in India.


  • Medical documents: The most important component of your medical trip is your medical documents that include test records, prescriptions, and information related to your current complication. If you are, however, traveling for plastic surgery, please carry your recent medical records, if any.
  • Passport & Visa: Keep your passport handy. If you have opted for E-visa on arrival, make sure you carry the visa approval letter, your printed application form, your medical visa invitation letter, and the name and the number of the contact person and the hospital you are going to. This all may not be required, but good to have all the details ready.
  • Name and Contact number of the Person who would receive you at the Airport:  Do write it on a piece of paper as well and keep it handy; even if you have that saved in your mobile. Don’t trust ONLY your mobile.
  • Currency: Carry some US dollars (Australisn dollars, Euros and Pounds are also easily exchanged) and Indian currency (you can get it exchanged at the airport or in India), ideally smaller denominations.   Ask your case manager how much you should carry according to your treatment and country regulations.    
  • Credit Card limits: Make sure you have informed your bank that you are traveling to another country and that your credit card should be allowed to work. Not all credit cards work internationally. Also, make sure you have enough money in your card to pay for your surgery and miscellaneous items.


  • If you have been taking prescribed medications, do not forget to carry them in appropriate quantities.
  • Medications for Allergy against allergic reactions, if you are a known allergic and take that regularly.
  • Motion sickness tablets, if you are used to it.
  • Sunscreen, aloe gel, and eye-drops to prevent sunburn or skin irritation. 


  • Comfortable clothing is essential for both traveling and stay after discharge from the hospital.
  •  India is a huge country with varying seasons in different parts at different times. Check with your case manager what kind of weather is there and what you should carry according to your surgical requirements.
  •  It is good to carry soft socks, flip flops or slippers, few pairs of clothes with you.
  • You would get all brands of toiletries in India, but if you are very particular about a brand, it is good to carry it with you.
  • A hat and scarf are must have if you are coming for a Facelift surgery, since sun exposure after surgery is a complete no-no.
  • However, make sure you travel light, it is not a good idea to carry heavy luggage after the surgery.

Other Items:

  •  It is good to carry a diary or notepad and pen to note down recovery guidelines recommended by your surgeon. You can even use it to write your experiences and use it as a travel diary to carry back home.
  • Audiobooks/iPods/ Laptops help in relieving stress after the medical treatment and also to avoid boredom. You would though have a satellite TV with English channels in your room in the hospital and hotel.


  • Make sure you get all the necessary contact information regarding the hotel, hospital, treating surgeons to make the tour less stressful. Save the information in your mobile device and also write it in an accessible notebook.
  • It is recommended to bring a trusted companion with you on your medical trip. They not only serve as moral support but also assist you during your recovery period and back home.
  • If you are traveling alone, make sure you provide your case manager with the contact details of your close family member(s) back home, and also provide your family members the contact details of your case manager.

We wish you a safe and happy journey and look forward to welcome you in India!

IndiCure is one of the largest and most renowned providers of medical tourism in India. We have treated 8000+ patients from over 40 countries and have Over a Decade of experience in treating medical tourists!

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