MapleStory M lets you yield the adventures with you

MapleStory M Mesos lets you yield the adventures with you on the go, accepting the actual aboriginal adaptable admission in the series. Players can actualize their own characters, aces their own classes, and acquire which quests they appetite to play. That accepting said, you acquire the advantage to change how your hero looks in the game, so they aren’t abnormality about with all-encompassing faces. Here’s how to change your character’s actualization in MapleStory M.

Before you acutely alpha your adventitious in MapleStory M, you will get to architecture your actual own character. While the options are limited, you can fix how they attending and acquire from abundant bigger options afterwards on in the game Already you alleviate the menu, bang on it in the top acclimatized bend of the screen. You’ll cull up a annual of options, but you appetite to bang the Actualization tab in the top larboard ancillary with a helmet marker. Already you bang that, accession row of tabs will arise below, and from there, you appetite to bang Hair/Plastic Surgery.

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