Man Narates His Experience As A Taxify Driver In Abuja

This post is not meant to belittle Taxify but to tell you all my personal experience as a taxify driver in Abuja.

Last 2 months I saw an advert on Facebook saying make 90k a week with taxify.. I was wow.. Me that earn less than 100k a month,
An extra source of income would be wonderful. I even have a small Toyota corolla that am maintaining.

I went to taxify office last month May and registered, did my inspection and passed.
Even did the training and passed.
That moment I was activated having fulfilled all requirements.
experience as a taxify driver in Abuja
But Alas, against what I anticipated to get, the following points are bad observance from Taxify Abuja.

1. No compensation for going over 3km to pick up a Rider.
Imagine going from Wuse to Mabushi to pick up a rider? That’s close to 4km.
Taxify doesn’t give you compensation for the fuel used and it will not be included in the trip.
And the Riders will want you to enter dangerous corners to locate them and still waste time to come out.

2. No punishment for riders canceling Trip.
Several times Riders make request for a ride and I was on my way to pick them only for them to cancel the trip. It’s so painful.
Infact, there was a day that I was already there waiting for the rider, even called her, only for me to see that she has stopped the trip. I was so pained and frustrated that day.

3. Nobody to carry back.
Can you imagine carrying a rider from Gwarinpa to Asokoro (29km) and after dropping off the person, no one to carry back.
Infact that day I waited and even increased the perimeter of my driver app range to 8km, yet no one. I had to go back to gwarinpa.
And guess how much the person paid? N1300. That’s about the same price a normal taxi man will carry you and without AC.
And am coming back empty handed meaning have lost time, fuel, energy etc.

4. No compensation for Night Drivers.
You know, in Nigeria getting taxis in the night are usually difficult, expensive and risky. That’s why most normal taxi men charge high fee at night, cos they don’t know if they will even see a return passenger.
But in Taxify, it’s not so oh. They charge the same fee at all times.
Infact, just last week. In the night (8:30pm) I took a rider from Wuse to sunnyville estate around lokogoma(26km) the rider paid N1300,
Then before coming out of the gate, I waited for 40mins but no rider to go back. I had to leave empty.
Normal taxi will even charge up to N1500 without AC

5. No compensation for Locating and waiting for riders for long.
Some riders will set wrong pick up location and expect u to magically find them and even when you do, you will spend almost 10mins waiting for them.
There was a lady who requested for a ride and put up a dummy location. Thank God for my little experience of Abuja roads, finally located the place. Only for her for come out, problem, I was waiting and was tempted to cancel the trip. This was in the night around 9pm. She later bounced in and says let’s go… Chei..
And Taxify doesn’t compensate for all my time waiting. Along with some riders rudeness.
Which normal taxi man will wait for u that long without adding to the transportation fare?

Let me rest my case here, there are many more things Taxify need to correct before they can breakthrough in Abuja.

If not for my Toyota corolla that saves me fuel ehn, I would have been red.
Have currently suspended using Taxify till further notice. I cannot come and be working for another person to chop.

Treat your Drivers well, cos without Drivers, Riders are stucked and Taxify is stacked.

Now I see the reason for their numerous Adverts on Facebook. It’s like pouring water inside Basket.


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