My Provide, the troll from Our Arm's Big Adventure, need to embark on another journey regarding discovery. This time you'll be escorting him to Weiss, any newly discovered troll community in the far north worldwide, so he can share his or her wisdom - cough with all the inhabitants, in exchange for researching their inventions.

Still My Arm is about to take care of the greatest adventure of all : true love. Plus they'd just like him to kill the particular Wise Old Man of Draynor Village, which doesn't appear to be a clever move.

You can start Making new friends with My Arm simply by returning to Burntmeat in the Troll Stronghold kitchen. This pursuit has the following requirements:
Our Arm's Big Adventure
Swan Song
Cold War
Romeo & Juliet
Level thirty five Construction
Level 66 Firemaking
Level 68 Agility
Stage 72 Mining

The trolls won't let you start the particular quest unless your unboosted Firemaking level is enough. The other three stat needs are checked only just where they're needed in the pursuit and accept stat-boosts.

If you possibly can support My Arm into a happy ending, the trolls will build you one more disease-free herb patch, and also teaching you advanced Firemaking techniques invented by the Weiss trolls, letting you create long lasting fires in designated hearth sites across RuneScape.

These kinds of fires will require different salts in order to be created. The salts can be mined from the my very own underneath Weiss that can be used after completing the quest. Stage 72 Mining is required to my very own the salts with a increased mining level providing a lot more salt on a successful actions.

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