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Web designing is a dynamic field. We all are aware that the world of web design seems to be evolving consistently. What is fresh and modern today would become obsolete overnight. Some of the trends that had gone out of vogue can swing back into fashion. Here are some of the hottest web design trends of 2017 that you could use as an inspiration for your web designing projects.

Special Attention to Cinemagraphs

The best way of infusing an interesting touch to your static pages is by including high-quality GIFs or videos which would be running on a steady smooth loop. Full-screen loops would be grabbing or retaining visitors’ attention for a much longer period than just a quick glance.

Ultimate Minimalism​

A number of designers have taken minimalism to a whole new level, and redefined all web design conventions, stripping them down to the bare necessities. In terms of content as well as design, it is as simple as it gets while retaining a distinctive elegance.


You could go for a two-tone palette, to give a classy, contemporary look to your site. This also makes design a lot easier, because you don't have to put in too much thought about what colors to put on each element.

Combination of Vertical and Horizontal Text

It's rather refreshing if you use vertically-aligned text sparingly on your site. It is very distinctive. Don't overdo it, though, no one likes to read character by character.

Patterns and Shapes

A lot of top sites are using various shapes, patterns and effects to add flair to an otherwise flat background. You can experiment with depth and shadows as well.

Use Modular Design

Modular design is still very relevant; it is a solid approach, allowing you to create an accessible, clean, and navigable website. What could be better? You can have various effects like parallax and ripples as well based on mouse gestures. Get in touch with lasvegaswebdesignco/ for professional web designing assistance.

Image-Text Overlap

Another interesting effect that a lot of designers are looking into is overlapping a certain portion of text with the accompanying images. It's rather interesting if used correctly.

Use of Bold Typography

Big bold typography is very much in demand by companies for anchoring their homepages. This sort of a web design principle would be most effective when the remaining part of the page is clean and minimal.

Brilliant Layers of Color

Layers of color are used effectively for adding texture and depth to a simple and ordinary website layout to make it extraordinary and stand out from the rest.

Simple & Straightforward Text

In keeping with the latest trends in web design, many companies are eliminating conspicuous navigation sections and images altogether as they are relying upon choicest lines and simple straightforward text for giving relevant information about their company to the visitors.


Keep the above-discussed points in point while designing a site for your client. Remember people are looking for simplistic, uncluttered, and eye-catching web designs. Follow the latest web designing trends to make all your projects a grand success.

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