Latest MTN Ghana Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat With AnonyTun VPN

Are you searching for latest Mtn Ghana free browsing cheat? It's time for you to enjoy yet another free browsing cheat on MTN GH network unlimitedly. We know it comes once in a while, so let's enjoy this unlimited MTN GH free browsing cheat before it gets blocked.

As usual, we are going to make use of AnonyTun VPN. Recall last year 2018, we shared MTN GH unlimited free browsing cheat for AnonyTun vpn, though it has been blocked. Here's another settings for you to enjoy.

One thing I love about this cheat is the fact that it's unlimited and very fast. You can use it to browse any site, stream any video, download etc. Without wasting much of our time, let's get down to the settings real quick.

MTN Ghana Free Browsing Cheat Using AnonyTun VPN

- An Android phone
- MTN 3G or 4G sim without active data
- Use the network default APN settings
- You need AnonyTun VPN - DOWNLOAD HERE

How To Setup MTN Ghana Free Browsing Cheat For AnonyTun VPN
1. After downloading AnonyTun VPN above, launch it.
2. Tap on Stealth Settings
3. Toggle ON Stealth Tunnel ON/OFF
4. Set Connection Protocol to TCP
5. Connection Port: 80
6. Toggle on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers and tap on it to open the settings page.
7. Url/ Host:
8. Request method: GET
9. Injection method: Normal
10. In Extra Headers, tick the following
✓ Keep-Alive
✓ Online Host
✓ User-Agent
11. Now tap the Generate button to save your settings.
12. Choose United States as your region and tap on Connect. It will connect within 60 seconds. When it’s connected, start browsing unlimitedly.

Once the app connects, just minimize the app, Open any app on your phone and start unlimited free browsing and downloads.

That’s all friends. Please don’t forget to leave testimonies below and share this post with your friends.


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