I always wonder if "ZONE C" Senatorial District of Yobe State(places like Nguru, Gashua, Machina, Karasuwa to mention few) are still part of Nigeria.

There are nothing to write home about in terms of Infrastructure and other basic necessities. But my major concern are the caliber of Contractors the Federal Government gave some of our vital roads to renovate/construct.

Nguru - Gashua - Contractor GERAWA Construction Company
Nguru - Machina - FK Construction Company
Gashua - Yusufari - ARFO Construction Company all these projects had being going on for a very long time
but nothing tangible is done, rather day by day it has become a death trap.

Are these companies greater than the Govt? Can't they be called to order or better still the Contract revoke and given to competent people/ Company? HELP US OUT!!!

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Comment by faufau84 on September 15, 2010 at 5:19pm
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