Kogi guber: Independent survey claims 80% Kogites reject Yahaya Bello

The result of an independent poll research reportedly carried out by Myles Morgan Polling & Research Institute has claimed that Governor Yahaya Bello will lose the forthcoming governorship election in Kogi state.

According to the results of the poll, 80% of Kogites will reject Governor Bello polls scheduled for Saturday, November 16.

The group said it embarked on an extensive survey on the gubernatorial election in Kogi in a bid to predict the outcome and project the chances of the personalities gunning for the number one job in the state.

The report also claimed that there is widespread resentment and concomitant discontentment against the Bello administration by the generality of citizens in the state.

The poll’s report reveals that non-payment of salaries to civil Servants, non-payment of gratuities and pensions to the state’s senior citizens, lack of improvement in basic infrastructure across the state, violence, political, social and rights’ abuse are the reasons why the citizens are likely to revolt against the incumbent.

The poll further claimed that myriad of civil servants and ordinary citizens in the state interviewed during the course of the survey expressed gross dissatisfaction and asserted that the incumbent governor will lose the coming election.

They accused him of failing in his primary responsibilities as a governor by not paying salaries promptly or embarking on impactful socio-economic infrastructural development commensurate with the humongous inflow of funds into the state coffers for close to four years of his stewardship as governor.


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