JUST IN: Cameroon army searches for missing bodies as ship capsizes at Bakassi (PHOTOS)

Arogbonlo Israel

Cameroon army on Monday was reportedly searching for corpses of about 90 people that were trapped inside the Austrheim vessel along Bakassi sea port.

This was contained in a post made on Sunday night on the official Facebook page of the agency (Honneur et Fidelite - Armee Camerounaise) where it was revealed that a vessel that departed from Nigeria with about 200 people capsized.

Report further confirmed that the special unit of the Cameroon army that guides petroleum on the high sea after were at the scene of the incidence to save some of the victims.

"We rescue 107 people and three dead bodies around the border at Limbe, Southwest Cameroon," the agency reports.

Vanguard gathered that the agency are still on the search for more bodies trapped inside the ship.

Information extracted from some of the survivors revealed that the ship ran aground due to the captain's negligence and incompetence.

One of the survivors (@Logobenz3) posted on Nairaland after the incidence to narrate his ordeal.

He said: "I write this with a lot of pain and grief. This was a bad one. I woke up to a call yesterday of a loved one calling me and panting over the phone. I was like sister what's the problem? She shouted Amen upon hearing my voice.

"I too, scared had to ask her again what the problem was? She said that a vessel named Austrheim just sank at sea and knowing I do a lot of business with that route,she just had to call to make sure her loved one was not in it!

"Actually I did not travel due to improper schedules of arrival of some of my commodities,making it impossible for my commodities to meet up with departure time of this particular vessel.
I was mad!!!little did I know that I was about to be saved of a huge financial loss that would have crippled me financially and put me in turmoil. Every disappointment is indeed a blessing like people say.

He added: "At this point I just have to believe my mom's prayers actually works!

I was speechless,my heart fell in my stomach because I knew what it meant for me. Lots of money and lives lost!people have perished and livelihoods lost.

"But at this point money isn't important but we should all give a moment of silence to the hustling men and women trying to make a living for themselves in those waters. Such a beauty plagued by improper maintenance by the said company COMATRANS. Fourth sinking in a row,this being the most fatal."

See more photos below:

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