Just as the game gradually into the rhythm of the sharks

The opening of the third quarter, the wild team continue to NHL Coins take the initiative, the first 4 minutes, Shark captain Joe - Pawelsiji clubs with people foul, gave the wild team more play less opportunities for the goal of the opponent formed siege . The first 5 minutes, Souter sent a subtle cross, in front of the Swiss striker Nino - Brad Pitt close shot, but the ball slightly biased. Fortunately, the shark team after the special service stability, did not continue to give the wild team scoring opportunities, sharks rely on this less anti-more successful, and gradually stabilize the situation.

Just as the game gradually into the rhythm of the sharks, the first 15 minutes, the wild team veteran Eric - Stor to come forward, he is in the bottom area from Sharks number one defensive, defender Mark - Andhwal - Vlasic hit the ball from the center of the pole and he took the other side to shoot the door. Jones failed to cope with the mishap, and although he struggled to cross, the ball was bouncing off the crevice of his right leg 2-2.

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