Jiganbabaoja, Huskeygetney, Kokun Foundation, Thetimibalogun celebrates Abija

Famous Nollywood Actor, Tajudeen Oyewole widely known as Abija (Abija Wara Bi Ekun) who was celebrated by notable icons in Nigeria. The likes of ‘Sho Mo Age Mi Ni’ originator Jiganbabaoja, well-known publicist Huskeygetney, Kokun Foundation, Thetimibalogun, and others were all present to celebrate the Nollywood icon.

Recall that Jiganbabaoja recently announced that he has launched his own foundation called ‘JiganBabaOja Foundation’, a foundation that would reach out to footballers, entertainers, etc. See more details about the foundation View this post on Instagram

Meanwhile, a cheerful giver is ready to gift Abija with a car. Date to be announced soon. After gifts of cash and items at Abija’s house, Abija was taken Ikeja City Mall to have some fun; see photos below:

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