Is your Health Insurance Cover Sufficient to Fight Critical Illness?

Each of us wants to secure his/her life against any health issues in future. You must be looking for a health cover that will help you in fighting any critical disease in future apart from insuring your life against all risks.
One of the best ways to ensure that is to buy a health insurance plan or a critical illness plan. But now the question arises as which of the two is better. Both the policies are different catering to different purposes. So, let’s read about both the plans and then decide.

Health insurance plan is a policy that helps you to claim the actual medical expenses incurred in a hospital. On the other hand, critical illness plan is a policy that covers your critical illness when diagnosed, irrespective of incurring any related medical expenses.

Here are a few primary differences that will help you understand if your health insurance plan is sufficient enough to cover your critical illness:

Basic feature

Health insurance plan covers your medical expenses incurred in the hospital. On the other hand, critical illness plan covers the critical or severe diseases like cancer, kidney failure, bypass surgery and the like once you are diagnosed with it. It does not depend on any hospitalization expenses that you incur.


Health insurance plan covers accidents and other such ailments. In some cases, it also covers maternity health issues. Critical illness plan, on the other hand, covers a particular list of severe illnesses, the number, and description of which is specified in the policy by the insurance company.

Assured amount

In case of health insurance plans, the maximum cover is generally for Rs.5 lakhs; some companies also provide up to Rs.10 lakhs. In case of critical illness plan, the coverage ranges typically from Rs.5 lakhs to Rs.50 lakhs. It depends from one insurance company to another.

Waiting period

Both the health insurance plan and critical illness plan follow the concept of a waiting period. Health insurance policies have a waiting period for first 30 days and in case of pre-existing ailments, the waiting period is 1 to 4 years. In case of critical illness policies, the waiting period is 3 months and the illness diagnosed during this period is excluded from the cover.


In addition to the reimbursement of hospitalization expenses, a health insurance plan helps you to avail the cashless facility in network hospitals. It means that you do not go through the traditional method of paying the medical bills and then claiming them. You can get the bills directly paid by the insurance company to the hospital. After making a claim, your policy will continue till the time amount is remaining in your policy.

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In case of critical illness plan, you will receive the lump-sum amount assured in your policy after the diagnosis of the critical illness specified in your policy. You do not have to retain the original bills to claim the amount; the insurance company also accepts photocopies of bills. The policy will expire once you have made a claim and the settlement is completed.

The Bottom Line
Both the health insurance plan and critical illness plan has its own set of benefits. Hence, you cannot weigh them against each other to find out if one of them is sufficient to cover the other one. Both the policies are useful in its place.

You should first determine your family’s insurance requirements and then choose accordingly. Both the plans are essential to cover different illnesses.

Hence it is advisable to do thorough research on every plan before you make a decision. So be wise and make a smart choice!

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