Is politics a noble profession in Nigeria?

Yes, politics, if conducted properly, should be a noble profession. When I was a kid, I used to really respect presidents, ministers, governors and politicians. I thought they were trying to pass laws that would help people.

I believe that many people, when they first go into politics, honestly do want to make a difference and are very idealistic, kind of like James Stewart's character in "Mr Smith Goes to Washington." The problem is that anyone who gets elected becomes dependent on the special interest groups that funded their campaign, and so they end up compromising their principles. One compromise leads to another, and there goes the idealism.

During the recent Mayoral election campaign in chicago, every day on TV, I saw both candidates for Mayor in a different part of the city, promising different things to different groups. One day, it was pensioners, another day, it was small business owners, and so on. I wished the reporters could have asked them: "But you promised this same policy to that group yesterday. How are you going to pay for it?"

When I look at what passes for government in Nigeria, and the low voter turnout in many so-called democracies, I'm starting to wonder if a dictatorship wouldn't be the best form of government - with me as the dictator, of course.

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