The just ended MTN World Cup Naira Splash Competition is one of its customer reward initiatives aimed at touching the lives of its subscribers and making them live their dreams. And it must be said that the competition will linger for a long time in the memories of many Nigerians because of its various elements and the unique results achieved.

It was introduced as part of activities marking the staging of the FIFA 2010 World Cup hosted by South Africa, the first ever to be hosted on African soil, to enable Nigerians partake in the world’s most glamorous soccer fiesta and also have their lives enriched.

By the time the curtains were drawn on the 90-day long competition on July 13, not a few MTN subscribers had had the stories of their lives re-written for better. It rewarded subscribers on hourly, daily and monthly basis, while it also featured World Cup surprises of an all expenses-paid trips to South Africa to watch World up matches.

The competition no doubt lived up to its expectations as it produced 3 winners of N20 million, 90 lucky winners of N2 million and 1,800 winners of N20, 000 each. Apart from this, 120 people also won all expenses-paid trips to South Africa to watch World Cup matches live.

From the N20 million grand prize winners to the N2 million winners, one thing they had in common was that they were all ordinary Nigerians on the streets, majority of whom had never seen N1 million all their lives.

For Mordi Julius Kenneth, the 22-year-old Kogi State-based barber who was the first to win N20 million during the competition, no other day can be more special to him than the day he got a call from MTN. It was a day mother luck smiled on him by lacing up his path with a mega fortune.

Just like everyday of his life, he had sat quietly inside the small kiosk that served as his shop, waiting for the next customer to come. He then received a call from MTN which totally transformed his life. Before then, he was just like any other young man on the streets of Kogi State, perhaps known only for his barbing skills. All that has changed.

Akpan Christopher, a Store Keeper at Stallion Industry Limited, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, is another young man whose life can never remain the same again. His status experienced a sudden change when he participated in the MTN World Cup Naira Splash Competition. Convinced that he would win, he continued to send entries amid scathing comments by friends. And before long, his doggedness produced enviable result-he won N20 million.

Of all the three winners of N20 million, Simeon Chukwuka Okeke’s story appears to be more distinctive. Wealth that had eluded him all his life chose to come his way at his old age. The 57-year-old man is a primary school teacher at Central School, Ndike, Orumba North, Anambra State. He had put in 34 years of meritorious service at the State’s Teaching Service Commission, yet he had not seen a million naira in his life and could not lay claim to a decent house. And like others, his participation in the Naira Splash Competition made his over five decades of sojourn in this world take a swift change.

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