Is it worth trying to save my marriage?

Save The Marriage System is actually a set of online instructions set, including audio and video guidance, developed by Dr. Lee H. Baucom, who is a marriage counselor from the US. This system is considerably superior to conventional marriage counseling methods that focus on developing communication skills, and applying a band aid on existing differences. While communication skills are indeed necessary, exactly what needs to be communicated is not taught. In the process, most of the marriages head for divorce, even after counseling sessions. This system is unique because it begins with telling the partners, you are not wrong. There is a tendency to blame the erring partner, which is often resented, and such a partner tends to take a defiant stand, leading to more verbal battles, and more hurtful words to cling on to to for breaking marriage. The system also teaches the partners how to become We from Me. Therefore, if the partner is an alcoholic, the other partner needs to do something about it, rather than walk out.

Save The Marriage System is useful for everybody because it is difficult to know when the cracks develop, and at times, it can be simply too late when such cracks are noticed. In such cases, more effort will be needed to save the marriage, which can be completely avoided, if this system is understood and followed. As of now, the cost of divorces in the US is almost $20,000 plus. The costs of marriage counseling are also high, at times touching almost $9,000 even though success is not guaranteed. Unlike such conventional methods, Save the Marriage System guarantees improvement in the relationship within 30 days of following the system, otherwise, the system can be returned, and the money will be refunded. The system also costs a fraction of the conventional marriage counseling. This system has been tried innumerable times, with similar results. Conventional counselors achieve 20 percent success with traditional methods. Unlike them, the Save The Marriage System has 87 percent success rate. The system teaches how to deal with various problems that are likely in marriages, including infidelity, While so, the system also does not support hanging on in any abusive relationship.

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