By Emmanuel Nicholas


Wanted: Men. Not systems fit and wise,

Not faiths with rigid eyes, not wealth in mountain piles,

Not power with graoious smiles, not even the potent pen;

Wanted: Men. Wanted: Deeds.

Men that can dare and do… -DUNCAN MACGRBGOB.

Obviously this was written long ago and much has changed since it was published but if you replace the word “men” with leaders you reach the same conclusion. The world has a standing advertisement over the door of every profession, every occupation, every calling; “Wanted – A Leader.” Wanted, a leader who will not lose his individuality in a crowd, a leader who has the courage of his convictions, who is not afraid to say “No,” though the entire world says “Yes”. Wanted, a leader who is larger than his calling, who values his occupation more than merely being a means of making a living. Wanted, a leader who sees self-development, education, culture, discipline and character as a means to his success.

Wanted, a leader who is symmetrical and not one sided in his development, who manages all areas of his life with the same energy. A leader who is well-balanced and does not lack courage. To be a leader you need to posses certain qualities and skills. Luckily, they are all within your reach. The key to being a great leader is to change as the world changes, use common sense, to be upright, pure and generous.

The world wants a leader who has a rounded education consisting of school, training and life experiences. Whose nerves are at their acutest sensibility, whose brain is cultured, keen, incisive, penetrating, broad, liberal, and deep.

Over the last twelve years , the relationship between leaders’ behaviour and subordinates’ perceived stress has gained increasing attention from the local community. The leadership domain has recently focused on the so-called “new leadership paradigm” such as transformational leadership . Transformational leaders emphasize higher motive development, and arouse followers’ motivation and positive emotions by means of creating and representing an inspiring vision of the future. In contrast, transactional leadership explains the relationship between leader and follower as an exchange system of well-defined transactions. In turn, the leader rewards the followers by empowering them

Mr Bassey Albert is this kind of leader, they above extract mirrored his virtues and these are the reasons his people want him not remain silent on his political future. already he has been linked with Deputy Governor role, that most aspirant from Eket Senatorial district are trying to use people who are close to him to negotiate with him to accept a deputy governorship role so that they can use his followership and succeed at the nomination and the general election .

Some few weeks ago the youths of Uyo senatorial district paid him a courtesy call, demanding that he should declare his stance for 2015 election, but he simple told them that his fate is with God, and he has no personal intention to run for any office. Royal fathers summoned him to declare his position on 2015, that they cannot afford to see a great leader like him being idle in the fifth republic, some power brokers are also pressurizing him to contest for the coming gubernatorial elections. However, he turned down the stakeholders, telling them that he is duty-bound to work with His Excellency Chief Dr Godswill Akpabio and deliver dividends of democracy to the downtrodden. The financial manager at all times of pressure to aspire, remained focus and told all who care to listen, that he will not contest for any position in 2015, except God detailed him to do so, stressing that inside him he has no aspiration but wishes to return to his job as a banker.

He is magnanimous, this is not opposed to humility, and magnanimity pursues greatness in proportion to his ability. He humbly takes stock of all the gifts that God has given him and seeks to use them as best as he can. As Aquinas explains, "Magnanimity makes a man deem himself worthy of great things in consideration of the gifts he holds from God and takes no personal decision without God directives.

While magnanimity is certainly exhibited among the famous saints whose virtues are uncommon , it is also found in simple, small, ordinary people whose sincere desire to give the best of themselves is used by God to do extraordinary things for human race. Indeed, the magnanimous person continuously strives to perfect the virtues in all areas of his life. He is not content with simply being good. He reaches out toward excellence. For example, magnanimity may impel a good man to go beyond his daily obligations and make more sacrifices in his daily life for the sake of others.

Bassey Albert is an institution, who has bred a lot of people, by giving them livelihood. He is reliable and dependable, meets deadlines, does his work with excellence and returns calls, emails and text messages not minding how low is the communicator and all these his good deeds are the fuel that is making all to mount pressure on him to aspire to higher political office .

On the other hand there are people in the political circle who see him as a threat to their aspiration and go against by trying to blackmail him before the political stakeholders. They also try to portray him as a traitor to his political elites whom he respects and supports for higher offices, but because he has not come out as one of those political neophytes to make public his opinion, a kingmaker does not act as a supporter, he is a kingmaker. The witch hunting that is taking place in Akwa Ibom political scene is made possible by lack of restraint for political practices that provides only a flimsy cover for politicians' wanton attempts to destroy both their subjects and each other.

The personal avarice of many politicians impelled them to seek to thrive at the expense of others' lives and suffering. They often begin with innuendo and gossips. Witch-hunts claim the person accused has an unusual unclean habit, not loyal or have committed a crime worthy of persecution, and witch-hunts often end violently with a burning at the stake or a lynching and this is what Mr Bassey Albert is facing, but he is sustained and retained through his good deeds as well as the divinity of God’s Grace.

Mediocrity is what prevents a person from pursuing greatness and causes him to settle for less ,The man lacking in magnanimity suffers from a vice called "pusillanimity," which means "smallness of soul." Whereas the magnanimous man seeks what is best, even if it is difficult; the pusillanimous man shies away from noble, arduous tasks because they will demand a lot out of him. He instead pursues the path of least resistance, opting for whatever is evil and dreaded.

According to Aquinas, one reason the pusillanimous man shrinks from great things is ignorance of one's own qualification. Many people do not think they are capable of great things. They do not know the high call God has for every one of His children: a call to perfection. Even more, they are not aware of the grace Jesus offers us to help us achieve this perfection that we could never arrive at on our own. So instead of striving for greatness, which they view as impossible to achieve, they merely seek to do bad things, like blackmailing, gossiping and betraying others in search of favours.

Who can tell us what Fate and Destiny are? Who can tell us what our Fate is?

Who can tell us what our Destiny is? People say we cannot choose our Fate, but we can choose our Destiny?

People say we are Fated or Destined to do/become something.

Are they different? Are they the same? People say we can choose Destiny and we are Fated to do it. People say that our Destiny is open, but our Fate is sealed. Are Fate and Destiny the same? If our Destiny has yet to be chosen but our Fate is sealed, then is not our Destiny already chosen, but unseen to us until the opportune moment? When is the opportune moment?

At what point in our life will our Fate and Destiny be revealed? Or will we realize what our Fate and Destiny are only when it is too late? OR will we pass our Fate and Destiny without knowing it? If someone tells us what our Fate and Destiny are, will we like what we hear? OR will you strive against the path set before you? Only God can determine these two in our lives.

For the masses of Akwa Ibom State a man who gives livelihood to many is the king of their hearts and their prayers will always be for God to lift up their benefactor higher and higher. Your pressure on Bassey Albert is out of love, but it won’t end well if he is not on the path that God have destined him, it will be a total ignominy , let’s allow God to lead him aright .

But to know who believe in hunting people down , using blackmail and betrayal in a bid to ruin his relationship with his boss, political allies, superiors and friends, you are jumping into self-created abyss, his destiny is not manmade but God’s hand work, turn to next door.



Written by Emmanuel Nicholas . aka White Bom Bom , An Artiste, Author,Poet,Social Critic and President, Foundation Against Tribalism And Social Vices In Nigeria (FATSVIN) tel +234 80 333 750 68,81733 75068, email, , follow me on facebook crackdownnews newspaper or Emmanuel Nicholas Okokon , follow on tweet @crackdownnews

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