International Moving Information For Moving To The Ch Republic

The Czech Republic, formerly known as Czechoslovakia, has been at the center of European history for decades. The city of Prague, one of the most beautiful in Eastern Europe, includes a mix of architecture ranging from Gothic to baroque and the influences of an ancient medieval kingdom intermingled with the modern touch of the recently dissolved Soviet Union, and have a really great history - for example, you can read about it in Telemachus character traits.

International moving to the Czech Republic is an experience that will change your perspective on the world today and the events of the past that have shaped it.

International moving to any European country requires the help of an experienced international moving company which can instruct you on taxes and fees, proper packing and inventory lists, and local customs and languages. You can do these things on your own if you wish but you really are better off hiring someone to handle these headaches for you.

The Czech Republic has its own national language but you will often hear German, Russian, and of course English spoken in your travels there. Since the fall of the Iron Curtain there has been an increase in international moving to former Eastern Bloc countries. Western influences have brought about a rise in capitalist industry and you can even find McDonald’s and Coca-Cola throughout the country now.

The American Embassy is located at Trziste 15, Praha 1 in Prague and the country code for telephone calls is 420. The unit of currency is called the koruna but many local businesses also take Euros and even American dollars in some cases. Like most of Europe, the Czech Republic has a value-added tax (VAT) on goods and services. All of this and a basic knowledge of the language are important for a successful international moving experience.

In 1989, the country which was still known as Czechoslovakia staged a bloodless coupe known as the Velvet Revolution to separate itself from the Soviet Union and become a republic. Since that time, the country and particularly the City of Prague has grown up and become a haven for tourists and a favorite destination for international moving companies around the world. Cobblestone streets that have felt the hooves of king’s horses, the jackboots of Hitler’s armies and the heavy treads of Soviet tanks now are covered by swarms of visitors from Europe, Asia and America.

In 2002, massive floods in August threatened to destroy a large portion of this historic area. The Czech Republic and its hardy people survived and most of the classic architecture withstood the rising waters. Once the tide subsided the wave of international moving began again.

Today, the Czech Republic offers the best of what the West and the East have to offer. If you plan on moving there, hire a reputable and experienced international moving company to help you and do some research on the internet to gather information on culture, language and political climate. If you are going to Prague, make it a point to visit the Estates Theatre and take in a showing of Mozart’s Don Giovanni. It will change forever the way that you view theatre.

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