This article is purely and highly inspiring and motivating. The gospel question is this; who told you that, you can’t make IMPACT in life and what makes you feel you are the worst and can’t step and rise up to become a world figure?

... You can live your dreams, even when faced with challenges, oppositions and storms of life!!!

These are examples of men and women who made impact and living legacies against all odds:

In spite of blindness – Stevie Wonder became a global figure in music.
In spite of deafness and being told by his teacher that he has no hope as a composer – Beethoven became of the greatest composer in the history of mankind.
In spite of being born without limbs – Nick Vijucic became one of the world most respected men. His story became a source of inspiration and motivation to the world of man.
In spite of not having a college degree – Inazio Silva ruled Brazil for two terms as President.
In spite of dropping out of school – Bill Gates becomes one of the world’s richest men and a philanthropist of high pedigree and he today, employs best brain in the field of technology of which most are graduates from the school he dropped out.
In spite of being told by his teacher that he is too stupid and lukewarm to learn anything when he was a schoolboy which was a reason that he dropped out of school without a degree – Thomas Edison became the greatest inventors of all time, leaving his name and legacies on the sand of time.
In spite of being abused at a tender age – Ophrah Winfrey put her past behind and went ahead to become the world’s most sought after and paid entertainer and the weathiest black woman on earth.
In spite of spending 27 years of his entire life in prison as a result of fighting against colonialism and apartheid in South Africa – Nelson Mandela becomes an African leader the world will never forget in a hurry. And at the same time became the President of South Africa.
In spite of being told by his teacher that he can never become a millionaire – Farrah Gray became a self – millionaire at the age of 14
In spite of being a slave boy in no man’s land (Egypt) and imprisoned – Joseph became the first Prime Minister in a foreign land.
In spite of being imprisoned many times – Apostle Paul still followed his purpose and passion which was to preach the gospel and he wrote the largest portion of the scripture (New Testament) in the prison and;
In spite of being born to a poor carpenter in a manger – Our Lord Jesus became the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, the greatest man that has ever lived with great display of wisdom… Hallelujah!!!

The story goes on and on, about people (men and women) who have lived their dreams in the face of numerous challenges, oppositions and storms.

What is it that you are facing now which seems difficult for you to overcome? “You are the way you are because of who you are and the decisions you make” – Myles Munroe. God want to use just the way you are. You don’t need anything you don’t have to be who God created you to be. You can still live your dreams despite the storms you are passing through right now. Only God knows why he created you the way you are and why you are passing through all you are passing through. They all happened for a purpose, and sooner or later you will see all working together for you good.
Whatever you are going through in life is to help you fulfill your purpose on earth and at the same time bring glory to God, you and mankind.
So, look for God intent in that situation in your life. Instead of complaining and murmuring about the way you were created. For all that you are going through in life, all you need to do is to find out why you are the way you are, why you went through all you went through or why you are going through what you are going through? Your answers to these questions may lead you to discovering purpose which is the essence for your existence.

Be happy about yourself because you are the best. Nobody is better than you and at the same time, nobody can be you. Develop a positive mental attitude (PMA) that will propel and spur you to greatness and success in life.
Despite all that these people who are our main point of reference pass through, they developed and maintained a possibility and positive mindset about themselves and also understood that their life could only be what they made it and not what anybody says about it. They had the ‘will power’ to go after their dreams and at the same time live it.

So, if they did it, you can even do more. Wake up, sit up, rise up and start up!!! Believe in yourself and your dreams.


It is time for you to ‘arise and shine’ …

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To Your Success,
Prince Ejeh Boniface
Great Impact International
(Executive Director)

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