Inception or How to Protect Your Own Dreams

My assignment to write about human dreams makes me remember that I have recently watched the movie Inception. Some of the ideas inspired by the movie are going to be discussed in the work. I rejected an idea to address non plagiarized term paper or research paper writing services but I made a decision to create my own paper using my impressions about the movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Welcome to the world that is based on human dreams. It is not that funny and amazing because it is hard to control somebody’s dreams and forecast the outcomes. Can you imagine how rich and dangerous the world of dreams is? The creators of the movie Inception make an attempt to describe human behavior while sleeping.

From the very first minutes of watching the film, I was pleasantly surprised by a variety of themes and ideas to be presented. You cannot understand the essence of the message. You are tied to make some conclusion. And you are completely involved into the story.

Inception is one of the movies the essence of which is hard to grasp even after the credits appear or even later. Its director, Christopher Nolan, proves once again that everything he begins should have a good ending. Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and even The Prestige are the best examples of his achievements in cinema. And I do not have any doubts about the success of his Inception. And I was not mistaken. The movie is brilliant!

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