Important Considerations in Buying a New Mattress

Typically, a new mattress will be required if your current one is more than eight to ten years old and you are no longer getting a good-quality sleep and typically waking up with some amount of pain in the lower back that disappears after some time. If you are convinced that you do need to buy a new mattress, then the most important considerations will typically be:

Decide On Your Budget

This is a completely personal decision and varies from one person to another. Even though typically mattresses represent a hefty investment, it is quite possible for you to identify a mattress that performs well and is also reasonably priced. It is not necessary that higher the price tag, the better will be the quality. One of the best ways of saving money is to buy a reputed brand online instead of at a high street store; it is possible to save anywhere around 50-70% of the prices you will get at the retail stores. Don’t sacrifice your wellness for a few hundred dollars though.

Decide On the Degree of Firmness

Again a very personal choice, the level of firmness of the mattress is one of the chief factors that define sleeping comfort. Typically, mattresses are classified as soft, medium, and hard, however, this is highly subjective. Also, how firm the mattress will feel to you depends on a number of additional factors such as your body type, size, weight, etc. It can be very easy for you to confuse firmness with support. Mattresses providing good support will ensure that your spine is kept properly aligned when you lie down, which will ensure that you don’t experience soreness or pain after waking up. Firmness is more of a comfort thing. Instead of choosing a mattress with a specified firmness level, you can opt for one that has multiple layers, each capable of delivering comfortable sleep to sleepers with varying body shape, weight, sleeping position, etc. You can refer to puffy mattress reviews for a better appreciation of how the various factors should affect your choice.

Sleeping Position

Everyone has a different sleeping position; there are side sleepers, back sleepers, and even folks who like to sleep on their stomachs. However, most people do not even appreciate that their sleeping position should affect their choice of the mattress firmness level. Side sleepers, for example, require mattresses that adjust to the contours of their bodies and their constant s*******; so, mattresses that are of soft to medium level firmness work the best. The ones that are too hard may give inadequate support that will result in neck pain, lower back pain, and shoulder pain. Back sleepers will require mattresses that are soft enough to keep the spine properly aligned without creating pressure points that can lead to pain. Stomach sleepers typically need firmer mattresses that will give equal and firm support all through.


Picking out the right type of mattress can be a tricky proposition, and you should ideally opt for a mattress that gives you a fairly long trial period that will reveal whether you are getting a sleep quality that is superior and not waking up to soreness and pain.

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