If you're sleeping with a woman that used to be a man, what does that make you? (photos)

This is popular transgender Shaun Brooks and her boyfriend Bless. Shaun used to be a man...but she's now living as a woman and it looks like she removed her eggplant and now has a Vagina ... does that make Bless straight? Or he's still a homosexual? Please share your thoughts. More pics after the cut

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Comment by Fastclick Media on September 25, 2015 at 10:27am

He's a Homosexual plain and simple. This event is actually the reason why John the Baptist made that statement during Potiphah's reign; "Make straight the way of the Lord. We are at the times where truth is bent to deceive people. My bro, that guy remains a man no matter how sexy he thinks he has changed into a lady.

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