Yes, I sees improvement nd developement through the governanance of Our Godsent President. I also, sees no unity in the administrative system of Our constitutn. There many amendment that nids to b done by the legislatures. Why must the major sector offices be shared akoding to the tribes, thereby promoting tribalism. If there is true unity in Nigeria, only the Northern or Southern kan be a president, senate presdnt nd also house speaker nd still render efficient nd accountable leadership to the other nations. If we cant love to see one another, its better dat we desintegrate dis 3 nations as a state than living under one state and be brutalising other tribes. Lets promote Unity. We are one Nigeria and shall ever remain the Gaint of Africa. Pls the senate should take note on amendment of the constitution lyk official tribalism. It (oficial tribalism) helps to demote Unity in Our state.

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