Hvar’s Theatre as the Diamond of Croatia

The theatrical tradition of Croatia is very rich and long, its beginning dating to the Middle Ages. Playhouse in Hvar was founded in 1612 and is considered to be one of the oldest European working theatres. The long awaited reconstruction of the building gave a new life to the theatre and became a significant event in the cultural life of Croatia and Europe in general.

When the building of the theatre was erected in 1612, this event was of not only cultural but political significance. The inscription on its façade said that it was the second year of peace between social strata in Hvar. Building the theatre, the government offered representatives of all the social strata to participate in the cultural events. Before visiting this site, I decided to collect information concerning its history and even produced research papers writing about it. It allowed me to rate this monument at its true value. Conducting the research, I got to know that there are no reminders of the 17th century architecture in present day building. The preserved interior dates from 1803, when the theatre was restored by the so-called Theatrical society. I really enjoyed its neobaroque forms which have been kept since the middle of the nineteenth century.

Preparing for my term papers about my impressions from observing one of the oldest theatres, I decided to visit Fishing and Fishermen Outwitting by Petar Hektorovic. In the paper I will write that the atmosphere of an ancient building contributed to the talented actors’ play.

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