I finished my college education about four years ago. Since then, I have been working as a private tutor helping students pursuing bachelor’s degree programs that are related to sciences and mathematics. My encounter with students has helped understand the challenges that most students go through while trying to write their essays. The tips below will be very helpful if you desire to hone your writing skills and ensure that you perform well in your assignments and tests.

Organize your thoughts

What we write in our papers always comes from our minds. If your thoughts are in disarray, most probably you’ll find that your work will also look disorganized. On the other hand, if you’re composed and well prepared in your mind, you’re mind will be able to systematize your thoughts and what you will be writing will seem reasonable. Therefore, you should avoid anything that is bound to stress or disrupt your stream of thoughts in order to be in a better position to write quality papers.

Once you have gathered your main ideas, arguments, and concepts about the assignment, you need to consider arranging everything into a proper outline to assist you in writing your actual draft.  Finally, remember to utilize complete sentences while joining your key points.

Develop a thesis statement

Your paper needs to have a thesis statement that will guide your overall writing. It is the most significant part of producing good essays. Your arguments need to be debatable and should be geared towards proving a point. In fact, you should structure your thesis statements in a way that it should answer a well-framed question about your topic and ensure that it is very specific. Always remember that a well-structured and adequately researched thesis will give your essay a proper direction. In your statement, you can decide to preview the themes or points that you will be making in your text, thus guiding both yourself and your audience.

Think in fives

Some high school teachers and college professors teach students ‘the five paragraph formation’ also known as the ‘rule of five’ for writing academic essays. This is not a complicated concept, and you unnecessarily don’t need to limit yourself to a specific number like five, although it can be quite useful when assembling your arguments and sorting out. On the lower side, you can build three points to support your core argument.

After being a student for more than ten years and a teacher for four years, I have come to understand that writing an essay is not an easy thing. You will prepare well and even take lessons on how to write academic papers. However, in the modern, you do not need to strain yourself with complicated that asks that have very limited timelines. You can get expert assistance from essay writing companies at very affordable prices and within the required time. So you can surely submit a compelling and engaging text. Thus, to score high, do not struggle but use the advice above.


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Comment by Jeorge Waters on July 8, 2019 at 6:08am

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