How To Use Pears Baby Oil


Pears pure, mild and gentle Baby Oil is formulated to create a ligh.... It contains olive oil to moisturize, soften, smoothen and protect the baby’s delicate skin and dryness.


Pears Baby Oil gives shine and allows the skin to feel relaxed, smooth and fragranced.


Parent-baby Bonding Experience


It is a great addition to the parent-baby bonding experience when used for a baby massage which is a nice way to monitor the health of your baby's skin. It gives you an opportunity to go over the entire surface and to check for dryness or chafing. But that's not the only benefit: as your baby grows and undergoes developmental changes, massage can help ease transitions and they can help you bond with your baby.


It comes with an active formula that protects baby's delicate skin from infections and blemishes.  When applied, it gives a soft and growing shine after bath and ensures easy combing and styling of the baby’s hair.


Moms can also use Pears Baby oil  to:


  • Soothe and relieve dry, rough patches.
  • Protect or heal scaling, flaking skin during cold harmattan weather. It provides an extra layer of heat insulation, so cold temperatures are not able to affect the skin much (
  • Heal heel cracks by applying baby oil to the affected area for a few days. The result? It makes your feet extra smooth.


Pears baby oil is trusted, recognized and endorsed by the National Association of  Nigerian Nurses and Midwives (NANNM) for its excellent brand quality and contribution to the growth of babies in the country.


Use the full range of Pears Baby products to keep your baby’s skin pure, mild and gentle. Your baby’s skin needs that extra protection. Proper moisturization of the skin helps to protect the skin against germs and harsh effects of the environment.Safeguard your baby’s skin health now.


Here is the link to the Pears Official Website.

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