The device is very easy to use so don't be intimidated by it. I have both the microcurrent attachment and the wrinkle remover attachment for my NuFACE Trinity. I got a hands on tutorial from the NuFACE specialists at a press event in SF. From them, I learned how to use it and they watched me try it on myself. It's pretty easy so don't be intimidated by it! For the microcurrent attachment, I first wash my face completely so that it is clean. I then apply the NuFACE gel primer gel that comes with the device (I have since purchased another gel primer off Amazon for only $12.48.)

The gel reminds me of when you get an ultrasound, it helps the device run smoothly over your face and helps conduct the microcurrent waves through your skin. If you feel a little static when you use the device on your face, it means you need more gel on the area. Keep this in mind especially when you get close to your hairline. I tend to apply the gel when I first start working on an area and then repeat that until my entire face is done. You will hear a starter beep when you place it on your face and as you slowly move it across your face, there will be an ending beep. The device comes with a booklet which has information on all the steps for using your device and you can also watch the how-to video online.

With the rapid development of beauty technology, laser beauty has been well-known products in our life. FDA-cleared and clinically-tested nuface professional device is your best choice. It  has powerful effect to nourish, repair and remove wrinkle effectively. Feel free to visit official nuface store to enjoy huge discount.

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