How to take Measurement of length, mass and volume

Measurement of length

A length can something  be measured by using meter rule, caliper, venire caliper, and micro screw gauge. The instrument for measurement of length depends on how large or small the length is. If the length is very long like foot ball field, you use tape; a shorter distance like your reading table can be measured using meter rule. A cylindrical object can be measured using calipers and meter rule

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 How to us Venire calipers 

We use venire caliper to measure internal diameter of a TUBE, the depth of a cavity or the thickness of a plate, that which cannot be measured by the caliper and meter rule. Venire caliper can measure to an accuracy of 0.01cm or o.1mm.

The venire caliper has tow scales, main scale M, and venire scale V, the venire scale which is smaller, is added to main scale to give the fraction of  the smallest division on the scale.

The main scale is calibrated in millimeter, while the venire is obtained by dividing nine of 0.1cm into ten equal intervals, so that each venire division has 0.09cm.

When you measure with venire caliper , ta…-mass-and-volume/ ‎

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