How to Stop Your Husband From Coming Home Late

When a man, your husband or boyfriend goes out and comes home always late after work hours, there is an urgent situation at hand. His coming home late could be caused by certain reasons. If you know what prompted the change, then it's a bit easier to fix, but when all of a sudden he starts coming home late without you having the slightest idea of what could have gone wrong or what to do, then, 6 things should receive your immediate attention.

Now, lets get to the points...

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No. 1 - His Friends
Too many women gets it really wrong when they concluded so fast about "a-mistress-out-there". The fact and irony is that, a man's friend(s) does have a larger influence of keeping your man out late and a mistress could keep him away from you all-night: so there's a big difference. 

If your spouse is held-back by reason of a 'mistress-power' and you're still seeing him come home late, he could be having some concern for you or his kids until the phase of not coming home at all but if he's just a regular late-hour-man, think more of other things than a mistress and his friend(s) is/are suspect. 

When a married man goes clubbing without his wife, that could be sponsored by his friends. But, it's unfortunate that a woman can't separate her husband or boyfriend from his friends except he, himself, is convinced to do so. 

No. 2 - When He Loves the Bar
Yes, i'm using the word "loves" because some men really 'love' their alcohol mixed. You just can't separate them from their Amarula, Moet, Star, Hennessy, Gulder with a mix of other drinks or even 2 - 3 bottles of raw-drinking. The point is, they either drink alone; which is rare, or, with friends; note my No. 1 reason. 

The unfortunate part to this is that if you met him as a bar-lover, the transformation task could be almost impossible but there's hope. If your husband or boyfriend has always been drunk, he stays out late drinking and then comes home to beat you at the slightest provocation, you experienced that and yet you married him hoping he would change? 

There are some processes that could manage the situation for you.

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