How To Start Uber Taxi Business In Nigeria

How To Start Uber Taxi Business In Nigeria

How To Start Uber Taxi Business In Nigeria – I came into Lagos, and one of the great business adventure that greeted me was Uber Nigeria Taxi business. Actually, i never saw it as what i should pay close attention to but as time went on, and after my research work, what i discovered amazed me. Well, i will be showing you exactly How To Start Uber Taxi Business In Nigeria and make lots of money from it. Many people have still think that the Uber Taxi business is just all about buying of cars and dropping it on the road. Well, i will discuss in details how it works.

There are lots of requirements involved while starting up an Uber taxi business in Nigeria. With these kinds of requirements,you can start the Uber business in Nigeria and make much money than you’ve never anticipated you could.

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When my good friend a year ago started the Uber business, little did he know that it could change the story of his life forever.  If you think you can be like my friend, then  you have to read this publication on How To Start Uber Taxi Business In Nigeria. The high rate of unemployment in the country is a challenge and that is the very reason such an opportunities must be embraced with both hands. All you need do now, is pay attention and trust me, with little or no effort, you are sure on your way to financial

I have always believe in self job creation. And if you are like me, then this is a better chance of creating employment for you. How the Uber business started has too many sides to the story. Many people have claimed that the Uber business in Nigeria is a very difficult business to start here in Nigeria. But that lie is from the pit of Abyss because all you need know is How To Start Uber Taxi Business In Nigeria and and as long as you know the Uber Nigeria car requirements, then you can sure be rest assured that you are way up for the business.  I can’t tell you that the business is stress free o, but it is stress free for those who will study this publication on How To Start Uber Taxi Business In Nigeria.


 What is Uber Nigeria?

Have you ever heard of the Uber Nigeria? Do you know what is stands for? Here, i will show the exact thing Uber Nigeria is. It is known as a taxi company in Nigeria which. The taxi company is built on the knowledge of technology whose main objective of to make transportation easier. This they can achieve by making their customer can be able to book transport from anywhere using their smartphones easily.

One way this booking can take place, is the fact the customer as a necessity needs to download the Uber Nigeria application on their phone. For the now, the application is available on your Android and iPhone smartphones. For example, if a customer needs a taxi drop, all he or she needs to do is to press the request button and that’s practically all they need do. When this is done, a special algorithm which matches the customer to the nearby driver with a pre-verified taxi will be provided for. On the same olateform, it will also provide you with the estimated price for the transport.

Customers can be charged through their registered card ( which are either Verve, Visa and Mastercard), and drivers are also paid directly into their respective bank account on a weekly basis. You see? With this, we can’t talk of unemployment and trust me, before a month ends, you are counting hundreds of thousands of naira. And you are smiling to the bank regularly.

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Please note that the meeting point between the customer and the company or driver as the case may be, is via the application. In other words Uber Nigeria will provide the application that can be used to connect or link the driver with riders. With this in mind, you should note that the company does not have their own personal car. This shows that the business is more of a partnership. The cars that are hired are not Uber’s per say. Which means, those who make money does so be being their own boss. By using their own car to make money for themselves.  Usually, people do put their fleet of cars on Uber Nigeria platform and hire drivers to drive them. For me, it will be more affordable, profitable and easier if you are driving your own car on the platform.

The fact that you have a car dies not mean that you can do this kind of business. The Uber Nigeria taxi company does not accept any kind of cars. So there are various Uber Nigeria car requirements which the car owner needs to have in place before they start the Uber car taxi the business.

How To Start Uber Taxi Business In Nigeria

The Uber Nigeria car requirements

Before becoming an Uber affiliate, there are several requirements that and applicant must come to terms with. And these requirements must be fulfilled before your car can be accepted into becoming an Uber Affiliate. It is a prerequisite. Below are the requirements;


  • Any car that must be accepted, must be a product of at least 2005 car model. That should be the year which the car or vehicle was released or any car that is above that year.


  • Each of those cars must have four working passenger doors. Before they can be used, the cars must have been tested and are assured that they are working properly because Uber Nigeria doesn’t allow two doors cars.


  • Your vehicle or car must have a “valid insurance policy document” before you applied to be an Uber driver.


Finally, a genuine vehicle inspection report must be also required.

If all the the aforementioned requirements from the Uber Nigeria car are completed then you are good to make money via the Uber Nigeria Taxi corporation.

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How to start earning as an Uber Nigeria Affiliate Driver

Don’t always think what others are thinking. Some never get to start the business because they think it is very hard to do. Don’t be like me who initially doubted the business. Starting the Uber business in Nigeria is way very easy to do. All that is needed to do , is that you  get the Uber driver app or from their website. Then do a proper registration. This registration is quite very easy.  Another thing is that yo9u have to be very specific about what you want. if you are driving your own car or you are renting it out. These options will be seen on their platform and also you need to upload some necessary documents before you can get started.

Not only that, it is necessary that your vehicle will be checked before approval. This simply means you need to meet up with Uber Nigeria car requirements which are listed above. It is an opportunity for a driver to be self-employed and as such, you have full dominance over the hours you are willing to work. You can also shift your availability to make it comfortable for you as Uber only provides you with customers only when you are available during your working hours.

After you have applied to be a driver on the Uber Nigeria platform, they will review your application and also check if your car or vehicle satisfy the Uber Nigeria car requirements. If everything is in place, then there are high chances that you will be verified. Furthermore, you need to link your bank account with your profile before you start and ensure that the Uber driver application is installed on your smartphone.


You are not to It is not inform the rider about prices, because the transport fare prices are usually determined by the Uber software application which is calculated on the distance and time.

How To Start Uber Taxi Business In Nigeria

Usually, the calculation of the transportation fare is done automatically by the app with the aid of the Google map. Uber itself gets, 20% commission and your bank account is being credited at the end of each month or week based on what you have earned.

We have been following some testifiers whose lives have been changed by the Uber taxi business. And let’s hear what they have to say.

Mr Olatunde oluwole who started the Uber taxi business shares how he started with Uber some years back and guaranteed the minimum of 7 jobs on daily basis. Now if the average fare is per trip is 1,500, then do the calculations. It will be  =N= 1,500 Naira per trip × 7 trips a day ×7days of the week

With that in mind, we are talking about an equivalent  of about a 100,800 weekly after the commissions.

Mr James Oyau, claimed to be making about ?110,000 each week even after Uber must have collected their commissions. What this mean is that his monthly net income flow of is about 240,000 or 260,000 even though he must have paid approximately 112,000 monthly for petrol and also 60,000 monthly for insurance and maintenance expenses.

Now with all these analyses we have been sharing, you will agree with me that the Uber business is one that one should go into simply because it is quite easy to start. Well a non owner driver on Uber is not really going to make much profit unlike being the driver of your own car.

So, get down to business and start with the Uber taxi business.

How To Start Uber Taxi Business In Nigeria

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