How To Start Soap Production Business with N10, 000 Only

Production of washing soap is a lucrative business opportunity you can start on a small scale and you are sure of making some cool cash for yourself at home with as low as N10, 000 start up capital.

Washing soaps is an essential commodity being used on a daily bases by millions of people around the world for both domestic and industrial cleaning.

Most house holds and offices in Nigeria for example uses soap to wash cooking utensils, do laundry and dry cleaning of clothes, cleaning of offices and factory floor, cleaning of rug carpets and also to maintain a cleaner environment.

With the continuous demand for washing soaps in Nigeria and the world all over, an opportunity exist for any interested entrepreneur or investor to cash in and venture into soap production business in Nigeria.

Home based soap production is a genuine business opportunity you will do with peace of mind, have enough time to be with your family and also make money on continuous bases. The start up capital is very minimal.

Below are different types of soaps and the required production processes.

Production of Bar Washing Soaps

Bar soaps are usually solid comes in tablet form, It does not dissolve quickly in water when washing unlike liquid soaps and detergents.

Below is the requirement for producing bar soaps.

Start soap production business with N10, 000 only.

Production machinery/equipments needed for the business.

1. Steel tank

2. Industrial gas burner (locally made gas burner)

3. Blending tank/mixer fitted with stirrer

4. Weighing scale

5. Mould box (made of wood or steel

6.Cutting machine

7. Iron stamp for cutting to shape.

Raw materials required for soap production.

1. Palm kernel oil

2. Caustic soda

3. Soda ash

4. Sodium silicate (P84)

5. Dye/colorant

6. Perfume (to remove odor)

7. Diorites to be added when producing antiseptic soap.

Production process:

Bar soaps can be produced using two methods the cold and boiling methods

Producing soap using the cold method.

1. Pour 5 liters of palm oil (PKO) in to a container.

2. Add colorant to the palm kernel oil

3. Add 2 *1/2 liters of caustic soda ash solution to the mixture and mix properly

4. After mixing the materials together in the steel stir continuously and gradually add sufficient sodium silicate and perfume until the soap gets to a molten state and smooth in surface.

5. pour the molten soap in to prepared mould boxes with nylon or polythene sheet as under lay, the polythene sheets under the mould boxes is to help prevent the molten soap mixture from slipping out of the box.

6. Allow the soap to solidify for a day before you cut into required tablets or shape and sizes.

7. Producing soap using boiling method.

The boiling method involves applying heat to produce the soap using the same production machines/equipment and material measurement used in the cold method.

1. Add 1/2liters of water

2. Mix the palm kernel oil with dye/colorant (for any color of your choice)

3. Add caustic soda solution and stir.

4. After adding the caustic soda solution mix for 5minutes and then wait for another 30minutes.

5. Now you can apply an intensive heat to the soap mixture in the steel container to the mass of soap.

6. Add some extra water to the soap and heat again 10minutes.

7. Reduce the heat gradually mix and allow the soap to solidify.

8. Add sodium silicate and mix for 3minutes.

9. Add perfume and mix again thoroughly.

10. Finally pour the soap in mould boxes and leave it to cool till the next day before cutting to shape and sizes.

Start soap production business with N10, 000 only.


To produce liquid soap you would need to use the cold method of producing bar soaps.

The only difference is that you will have to add more water to dilute the molten soap mixture to become liquidity or a solution.

To market your liquid soap you will need plastic bottle containers of various sizes E.g.1liter, 5liters etc.

 Start up capital requirement.

 The start-up capital required for soap production is very minimal; it is the quantity of soap you want to produce that determines the amount to be invested.

Actually, With N10, 000 and above you can start a profitable soap production business at home in Nigeria and sure to make steady income to take care of your needs.

With the high rate of inflation and unemployment in Nigeria we all need to have steady of income generation sources to be able survive economically.

Even the federal, states and local government are placing emphasis on the need to diversify the Nigeria economy to non crude oil sector for steady revenue generation for the county.

In conclusion, I believe you will not just read this article and go to sleep without acting on the ideas expressed in it.

You will do yourself real good if you take time to implement the idea gotten to start a small home base soap production business and make money at home.

Also, you can help me share this article with your numerous friends on Facebook, diggs and Twitter.

Doing this will go a long way to empower some of your friends economically and they will forever be grateful to you for showing them the way to success and prosperity through soap production.


To start your own liquid soap production and make money continuously, I have packaged an up to date manual that contains 16 other related small scale production businesses listed below. The manual cost N5,000 only and it's only for those who are interested in the business.

1.Youghurt drink
2. Custard powder
3. Medicated soap/non medicated
4. Body cream
5. Candle
6. Hair shampoo
7. Liquid toilet wash (harpic formula)
8. Germicide (izal formula)
9. Bleach (stain remover)
10. Liquid air freshener
11. Paint (only white and coated type)
12. Insecticide
13. Laundry bar soap
14. Medicated soap
15. Toilet soap
16. Petroleum jelly (vaseline)

To order a copy please Call me on : 08081632025 => NaijaBizCom (dot) Com

Success is Sure for you, because you have chosen to a step that will make your dream a reality.

Stay Blessed.

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