How to Recover and Restore Deleted TurboTax Files

Taxes can be complicated and time-consuming. Because of the legal issues involved it is important to file your tax returns correctly and on time. TurboTax is a software that helps millions of users to file their state and federal taxes online. TurboTax files record the finances of users and help them calculate their overall tax. If these files are corrupted or accidentally delete then users will find it difficult to file their returns using TurboTax. Luckily TurboTax has some safeguards in place to protect customer data and allow users to access files that may have been deleted by mistake. If the files are urgent and you need assistance right away you can call the TurboTax customer service number and speak to a technician about how to resolve the issue soon.

Loss or corruption of personal data could be a sign of hacking. Users are advised to stay up to date on all the necessary security measures that they can use to avoid data loss. But if the files have been deleted then time is of the essence. The sooner you locate the files the easier it will be to recover and restore them. So without wasting any time let’s get down to it.

Searching your computer

If you have accidentally deleted a TurboTax file then the first thing you need to do is to search for and locate the name of the file you want. Just follow the steps given below and you should not have any problem:

  • Open the Start menu and go to ‘Search’.
  • Click on ‘All files’ and look through ‘All folders’ or ‘All locations’.
  • Type the name of the file in the given field press the search button.
  • Read the search results carefully to find the missing file

TurboTax Remote Backup

TurboTax has a Remote Data Backup software that users can get when purchasing TurboTax. If you have this software then you can just follow the steps listed below to restore your files:

  • Launch the Remote Data Backup software on your system.
  • Select ‘Backup View’ and go to the ‘Retrieve View’ option.
  • Open the Operation menu and select ‘find’.
  • Type the name of the TurboTax file you wish to recover and click ‘Next’.
  • Look through the results and keep clicking next until you find the file you are looking for and then click Restore.


TurboTax users must note that time is a crucial element when it comes to restoring lost or missing files. The later the file was deleted the more difficult it will be to restore the information. The steps mentioned will only help you restore and retrieve information that was deleted in the recent past. If the files you are looking for do not show up in the search results then you can speak to a TurboTax technician. You can call the TurboTax support at any time of the day and speak to a certified expert who will be able to guide you on how to recover the missing files.


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