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Hotmail, ever since its inception has remained one of the most popular email service providers. The users can send and receive emails, organize their mails and do much more. They can get trouble shooting support from Hotmail tech help line. The users are able to get on with even the most complex tech hassles in just a few easy steps.

Among the various technical problems that the users have to encounter on a routine basis, password recovery is perhaps the most pressing. It is a common issue that users have to routinely deal with. Lost or forgotten passwords can be recovered and reset with just a few easy steps. To reset your Hotmail password, just follow these steps:

In order to reset or recover your password;

  • First of all. Start by logging on to the “Reset your password” page.
  • Select among a list of reasons for your reason of changing your email account password.
  • Once you have selected your reason for change of password, scroll down upon the “Next” option.
  • Next, enter the email address for which you are trying to reset or recover the password.
  • Enter the Microsoft account email address you're trying to recover.
  • Now, you might be asked to go through the two-factor authentication. Here you shall see characters on the screen which you will be required to enter in the blank space given next to the characters.
  • After entering in the characters carefully, click on “Next”. Take care that you are typing the given letters, alphabets and numbers as they are. They will be case sensitive.
  • While configuring the security settings on your email account at the time of creating your email account, you would have set certain details for your rescue email Id, phone number etc. if a rescue phone number is available then you shall receive a OTP or a one-time password on it. Alternatively, if you have provided a rescue email id, you shall receive the OTP on the alternative email id.
  • On the next screen, you shall be asked to type in the OTP or the one time code that you have received. Finally, once you are done entering the code, you will be asked to set a new password.
  • Upon entering the new password, you will be asked to confirm your entry.

Securing your Password

It is advisable to set a strong password which is a unique combination of numbers, alphabets and special characters to make sure that your email account is absolutely secured and safeguarded from any kind of attempts of hacking or infiltration. At Hotmail tech support, therefore, you are able to resolve even the most complicated tech procedures. Recover your forgotten passwords, resolve the problem of lost or forgotten passwords and do much more on your own. Perhaps the biggest advantage of getting in touch with Hotmail support is that provides you with the feasibility of trouble shooting your technical problems on your own without getting professional IT support on board.

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