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At the buy wow gold cheap time, it was big thinking and an interesting draw for moviegoers, sort of like the collective asthma attack everyone developed a few years ago for modern 3 D. Which I think most of us will now agree is more trouble than it's worth."Apparently This Matters" Is Jarrett Bellini's weekly (and somewhat random) look at social media trends.Like wearing pants.Before Smell O Vision, other motion pictures had unsuccessfully tried to use aromas in disjointed and haphazard ways. But in "Scent of Mystery," new, specific patented technology was developed to actually drive the plot. And that hadn't been done before.Fortunately, the storyline had nothing to do with Peter Lorre getting sick from bad oysters. Though the reviews might've been interesting."I liked it up until the 30 minute bathroom scene. Two stars.""Scent of Mystery" was eventually de odorized and retitled "Holiday in Spain," at which point Smell O Vision was neatly tucked away in the vault of American bad ideas.It now shares that space with game footage from the XFL.But more than 60 years later, a startup company in Japan is bringing back the Smell O Vision concept for a smaller screen. Specifically, the one on your phone.Sexting just got way more interesting.They call this thing ChatPerf, and it's a thumb drive sized atomizer that plugs into your mobile device so it can be triggered to release specific odors on command. However, the major design limitation is that it can release only one specific fragrance from whatever scent tank you happen to have inserted into the atomizer.

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