How to Make $1000+ Free, Without Spending Money Out Of Your Pocket

What if I tell you there is a program that will allow you to earn up to US$1,000 for free without you paying any money upfront? Yes! You don’t have to use your money as a fundee, all you require is to create a campaign and you will have funder putting money into your Idea.


Simply signup here>>>

Copy the above link to your browser, choose fundee, and fill the form. 429w" sizes="(max-width: 168px) 100vw, 168px" width="168" height="300" />

After filling the form, for new members, make sure during signup, click on submit.

  • Go to login page and login. Then click on Create Campaign and put title of your campaign such as “Housing Project” then put the amount you want to raise for your project such as “50000”. Then put description of your project such as “I need this fund to start my building in order to stop paying house rent” etc. Then add image that is related to your house or your project. Then submit. This is how to create your Campaign crowd-funding project description.


  • Click on your username and Go to the JVP Program (Joint Venture Partner Program) section and click on Become a Fundee.


  • Upload your photo ID — front, back, and you holding up the front side of your ID if you’re coming in as a Fundee as many of us are. Clicks submit and wait for them to approve your application which usually takes between 3-24 hours.


  • Once you receive an email from them that your application has been approved, Login and click the FIND A FUNDER (If funder was not automatically giving to you which I know it will because it is now automatic) .You will be matched with someone who will donate $50 for you to get started. Once they find Finder who sponsors your campaign, they will automatically use the fund to donate to your sponsor campaign in order for your own campaign to be activated. Without you donating to your sponsor campaign, your own campaign will not be activated. Once you accumulate $100 you will pay back the $50 and pay your sponsor $50 and you will continue to accumulate more money. Basically, this is an opportunity to earn lucrative income with no money out of your pocket and no risk.


STEP 1 Create your account under the person who referred you.

STEP 2 Send a donation to your sponsor’s campaign at the level of your own choosing

OR become a Fundee with no money out of pocket by going to the JVP Program page and select “Become a Fundee”

STEP 3 Invite everyone you know to your campaign(s) to send you donations.



  1. It is in your best interest to come in as a campaigner as you will be earning your donations without profit sharing with a Funder.
  2. Becoming a Fundee is for people in need or people who do not want to use their own money.
  3. Becoming a Fundee is a limited partnership between the YOU the Fundee and the Funder. Once you receive enough donations to reach double the total you were funded at, the partnership will be fulfilled.
  4. Fundees have only 10 days to secure there first fundee or receive the equivalent amount in donations at the level they are funded at. If these terms are not met, the Funder matched with you gets refunded and you can no longer become a fundee again. But you can still be a campaigner and donate using your own money.
  5. You receive 50% of donations from your level 1 and level 2 referrals, minus the fees.
  6. You receive 100% of guest donations, minus the fees.
  7. You receive 100% of donations when referring other Fundees; minus the fees.
  8. You cannot be a Funder if you are a Fundee with an active partnership. However, once your partnership is fulfilled you can then become a Funder.
  9. All accounts can only register 5 Fundees per month. (This is subject to change at any time)
  10. You are automatically a Finder and will receive 5% commission on each partnership fulfilled by a Funder whom you referred.
  11. The Triple C Joint Venture Partner Program is not a loan or investment. Referring to this program as either of those terms can be a cause for your account to be terminated.


Help line: 2348182874251

Help email:

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