How to kiss a woman the right way!

Everyone knows that a good kiss can lead to a great start to any relationship, and a bad kiss can be a deal breaker. If you're dating someone, and everything is great and almost perfect with this person, but then you find out he or she is a bad kisser, all bets are off. Kissing is just as intimate and sensual as the act of sex. So if your partner doesn't know how to kiss, there's already problems brewing in paradise. You can tell a lot about how a person kisses. since I'm supposed to be the expert at kissing, here are step by step instructions on how to properly kiss a woman. So for all you might want to read this first before you start your next kiss.

Generally, for women, we want a kiss to start off slow and sensual, and then gradually building into a passionate kiss. A man's lips must be nice and smooth; so if you have chapped lips slap on some chap stick or rub off the excess dead skin cells to smooth them out. Also, make sure your breath doesn't reek as it is a huge turn off for men and women if their kissing partner has bad breath. Gargle with some mouth wash or have some gum or mints ready if possible. now on to the actual act of kissing... here's the scenario: you and your woman are on the couch or wherever, just relaxing. You look deep into her eyes and give her that "come hither" look. You start to inch closer, your face getting closer to hers. All the while, keep your eyes focused on her and don't break the eye contact. When you are just inches away from her, close your eyes, and move your lips towards the outter corner of her mouth and kiss it gently. Kiss the other corner of her lips.
With your lips slightly parted, press your lips on to her upper lip and slowlyl move your lips to her lower lip. Make sure you keep your tongue in your mouth at this point. Kiss her gently and slowly, drawing her in. Keep in mind not to slober your saliva all over her. You don't want to give wet, slobbery kisses. This is a big turn off!
As you are kissing her gently, take your hand and place it under her chin to hold her head steady and to keep the kiss from stopping. As you are kissing her, start kissing a little more urgently, but not too are building up to the passionate kiss. You might want to at his point move your hands and gently strike the side of her face and along her jawline. Then take your lips and move it down to her jaw and trail your lips along her jawline, every so gently. Move your lips slowly down her neck, along the neck line. You will surely give her goose bumps. At the base of her neck, plant soft, gentle kisses and then start moving your lips up her neck. Then move your lips back to hers and kiss her a little more harder.
Draw her even closer to you and press your lips a little more firmer on her lips. If you're going to use tongue, ease into the act gently. You can allow your tongue to explore hers, gently probing her, but again, limit the amount of saliva you are transferring.
At this point, make your kisses more firm and less gentle. You are kissing her a little more passionately now. You can move your hands to her waist or her hips and pull her even closer to you. Intensify your kisses at this point, and now you are at a full make-out session.

Rules of Kissing:
1) Start off with slow, gentle kisses, and then gradually turn the kisses into more passionate ones. Don't go right into the hard, passionate kissing.

2) NEVER lick her on the face...this is a big NO NO! (you would be surprised by how many guys have done this)

3) Tiny, wet kisses are ok...slobbery, wet kisses are NOT OK!

4) A rule of thumb is good hygiene: have good breath, keep your lips nice and smooth, and always carry mints or gum in your pocket.

5) Use your hands correctly, either to pull her face closer to yours, stroking the side of her face or jawline, or keeping them around her waist or hips. Don't have them out there in limbo.

6) BE RESPECTFUL! Just because a girl wants to be kissed doesn't mean she wants it to lead to anything more. Learn how to gage her interest.

I will be doing a follow blog on this subject manner. The next follow up blog might be a demonstration video.

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Comment by Julian Etim on July 24, 2010 at 7:40am
This one na oyinbo move now, and a waste of time for real African man. If my gun is loaded, I want to shoot. No wasting time.
Comment by Edwin Eriata Oribhabor on May 7, 2010 at 4:59pm
Ol boy you trai. Ah don de do ol wetin yu tok.
Comment by ADEUSI OLAJIDE on January 12, 2010 at 7:13pm
Nice, practical piece. Just that the sequence will always differ depending on the scenery

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